The top 10 marketing tools for content marketing and social media marketing change from year to year.

Each new platform and tool attempts to top the ones that came before. While content and social media distribution platforms, such as Hootsuite and Buffer, are certainly staples for many marketers, it pays to keep an eye on new developments.

This year, new platforms are being introduced that offer a range of new features and a competitive edge over the marketing tools that have dominated the industry in the past few years.

Here are the top 10 marketing tools you should check out in 2015:

1. Edgar

Edgar is an innovative social media scheduling tool that is ready to break out. Keep your eye on this tool, which is designed to keep your social media stream working both harder and smarter.

The tool keeps a library of social media updates ready to publish on a category-based schedule that you choose. If you run out of posts, then Edgar will repost for you, so you can keep spreading your message and reach people who may not have seen your posts the first time around.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a staple content and social research tool that tracks the popularity of content across social media platforms. This is an essential tool for virtually every content marketer, and provides information on the number of shares a piece of content receives on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

The data is aggregated and you can drill down into various categories, filter the results, sort, and even share directly from the platform.

3. Oktopost

Oktopost is a newer player in the social media management space that focuses on B2B industries. The platform provides analytics, posting capabilities, content recommendations, and more – all in one convenient dashboard.

The platform differentiates itself from Hootsuite by claiming that the needs of B2B marketers differ from B2C marketers. Instead of focusing on brand awareness and engagement, Oktopost focuses on content and measuring business value.

4. Kapost

Kapost is a high-end content marketing platform that allows businesses to track, measure, and implement a complete content marketing campaign from idea to distribution.

This B2B marketing platform allows users to plan collaboratively, organize and execute easily, distribute effortlessly, and much more.

5. Curata

Curata provides content marketing at scale with its Content Marketing Platform, which gives businesses the ability to analyze the impact of their content, streamline production, and create a content supply chain.

The Content Curation Software platform acts as a content discovery engine, an organization tool, and a publication tool. This business-grade platform is used by big names such as Cisco, Xerox, Lenovo, and more.

6. Zemanta

Zemanta, a content ad platform, claims that content marketing should be performance-driven. Their solution aggregates and indexes ads for multiple ad formats, such as promoted recommendations, in-stream ads, in-text ads, and more.

Their software helps you optimize campaigns, experiment with new creatives, adjust bids, and increase ROI as you go.

7. InboundWriter

InboundWriter forecasts content performance before you even begin content production. Their tools offer businesses the ability to improve traffic performance and prevent wasted time and money on content that won’t perform.

They use a data-driven approach that predict outcomes, suggest topics, provide authoring guidelines, and focusing only on the factors that matter.

8. Socedo

Socedo is an automated social media lead generation platform that helps you identify social prospects based on their Twitter activity, then qualifies them through an automated engagement process.

You choose an audience template, tell Socedo what your goals are, then the platform helps in two ways: inbound marketers can drive new leads to landing pages and outbound sales reps can start a conversation directly with new leads on Twitter.

9. Percolate

Percolate dubs itself a complete content and multi-channel marketing software platform. The software claims to give marketers the ability to manage all their marketing needs in one place.

Its features allow you to manage planning, development, production, distribution, monitoring, and analysis, all from inside Percolate itself. This upscale platform focuses on content marketing, social media management, content marketing, and enterprise marketing management.

10. Mention

Mention tracks what people are saying about you and your brand, which makes it ideal for PR, marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. The tool tracks mentions in real time, so you can react in seconds, if necessary.

The platform also includes analytics, reports, collaboration tools, and can be accessed from a variety of devices. It features filtering and sentiment analysis mechanisms, so you aren’t inundated with spam or unimportant messages.


Whether you’re an independent software developer or a multi-national company, social media marketing and content marketing are critical to your success. Even if you don’t use them, learning about these top 10 marketing tools will keep you in the know, so you know what type of tools are out there.