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You heard it right, the big retailers will be closed on Thanksgiving 2020. Walmart and Target will operate solely online during Thanksgiving. This can make online shopping for the 2020 holiday season hit sales records.  

The COVID-19 pandemic drove businesses and customers online. This year online sales have already surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday figures of previous years. That’s why it seems most of this holiday season shopping will happen online. According to a recent study, there would be a 73% increase in online shopping compared to last year. So, how can you make the most of this holiday season? In this article, we share insights and tips to get your shopping campaigns ready. 

Holiday Season 2020 Ecommerce: How Is it Going to Look?

The closing of the big retailers for in-store shopping this year will open e-commerce’s greatest window of opportunity. Below you can find the main dates and three eCommerce trends to consider in the next months:


Holiday Sales Important Dates

  • October 13-14 – Amazon Prime Day 
  • October 31st – Halloween
  • November 27th- Black Friday Deals
  • November 30th- Cyber Monday
  • December 24th- Christmas Eve
  • January 1st- New Year Sales
  • February 14th- Valentine’s Day

 Ecommerce will grow further this holiday season

If before the pandemic, eCommerce was booming, now it is soaring. COVID-19 accelerated online spending in 2020. Brands needed to adapt quickly, to avoid losing customers. Nike, for example, is integrating digital and in-store sales, powering direct-to-customer selling strategies. Ecommerce will let customers access their favorite brands during the holiday season while staying safely at home. 


Retailers, affiliates, associates, and shopping sites should prepare for the coming growth of demand. If your shopping campaigns are not up to date, do it now. Focus on providing your potential buyers exactly what they are looking for.  

Customer trends shifting to online shopping

The new normal is shaping the way we work and shop. More than half of Americans said the pandemic crisis was an opportunity to change their lifestyle. Shopping is not an exception. Here are some key consumer trends that you should take into account:


Deal seeking- more than ever, consumers are searching for deals online for their holiday shopping. If you are a brand, consider how to maximize your online exposure to catch those Black Friday shoppers. If you own digital property or a shopping comparison site, this is the time to present the best deals for your visitors, with relevant shopping ads to help them decide. 


Loyalty-  as people adapt to buying more things online, they are also more “on the look” for new online brands and retailers. If the brand or site satisfies expectations, it is very likely customers will continue purchasing there. This holiday season, ensure your shopping site is functioning top notch. Relevant product ads can help your visitors discover their new favorites. 


Apps- shopping app revenue in the US doubled since mid-march. Shopping apps are convenient, ready where people are (their phones). Sure, they don’t always work well and may have a different inventory. If you are a brand or an online store, consider a mobile app to reach customers everywhere. 


How Can Your Business Make the Most of the Holiday Season 2020?

Both retailers and shopping sites need to prepare and up their game for the upcoming influx of online customers. As shopping platforms like Amazon get saturated with sellers, retailers should aim to push their products through ads on shopping comparison sites and on searches. 

If You Are a Retailer 

The critical word here is exposure. You should get the right exposure for your products on the right websites. Your target customer needs to find your product online easily. Product ads are an excellent way to promote your product. Especially on shopping comparison sites, where you already have a high intent customer looking for the best buy.  

How to create the most attractive ad? If you want your ad to stand out for the right customers, here are several tips for an effective ad: 

  1. Your ad should be relevant. Use the most popular query keywords in the ad titles and text. 
  2. Select an attractive image that showcases the product
  3. Speak the language of your customers
  4. Be specific about the need of the customer
  5. Show benefit for the customer buying your product
  6. Include a call to action


If You Have a Shopping Comparison Website

Optimize the monetization of your digital property. To attract high intent buyers right where they are shopping, add the Shopping Fuel solution. Product shopping ads are visible at the top of SERPs, making your offer more visible. 

You can also leverage content to attract shoppers. Create sponsored content for brands and publish it on your site. The content can be infographics, product reviews, offers, announcements. This approach is best for sites of high influence and value.  

Make the Most of the Holiday Peak Sales With CodeFuel

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