Father’s Day marketing just makes sense, regardless of your business or your industry. Gift giving and gift buying always spike around this time of the year, which makes it a perfect time to promote products and services. And the increases in search traffic, social traffic, and purchases can offer a great deal of insight into what dads want.

Whether you develop apps, make widgets, or sell goods online, you can use this holiday – or any other – as leverage to improve your sales and increase your customer base.

Here are 10 easy tips and tricks to marketing with Father’s Day:

1. Host Events

If you’re a local business or have brick-and-mortar locations, events are a great way to build publicity, get involved, and make noise with your customers.

Get in touch with your customers early to:

  • Find out what they’re interested in or what they like about Father’s Day
  • Promote the event
  • Offer incentives for coming to the event, promoting the event to their friends, and so forth

2. Hold Contests

Holidays are great excuses for every type of marketing promotion, from parties to contests. Father’s Day is a great excuse for you to hold a contest that offers up one of your products or services as a gift.

Contests get customers involved and are naturally viral. While you don’t necessarily need a reason to hold one, the emotional impact of the holidays can increase participation. For best results, hold contests that are relevant to the holiday. For example, have customers post their funniest dad photos on your Facebook page for a prize – this encourages engagement, community-building, and helps to promote your brand.

3. Promote Relevant Products

If you’re a retailer, Father’s Day is a great time to promote relevant gifts that dads would enjoy. And even if you’re not, simply package a product as a Father’s Day gift item.

Even spas, for instance, can turn massage packages into manly gifts that are appropriate for any dad. If you’re an app developer, be creative – think of ways to include in-app purchases, such as emojis or upgrades, that are Father’s Day-themed. 

4. Put Products on Sale

This is the most obvious way to take advantage of Father’s Day, or any holiday for that matter. Holidays are an excuse for businesses to run sales, and sales are an excuse for customers to buy things they normally wouldn’t.

Sales are another great way to take advantage of the holiday, even if you don’t sell products that can easily be labeled as “Father’s Day items.” Simply run a Father’s Day Sale for any of your inventory that you’re trying to promote.

5. Optimize on Social and Search

Around this time of the year, Father’s Day starts getting more hits in search engines and on social media. To ride the wave, optimize your SEO for “Father’s Day” along with your specific industry. Use relevant hashtags and tags in social media to promote your posts and your business.

6. Dig Into Big Data

Use analytics from across your channels to discover what your audience – and the world at large – wants out of Father’s Day. Leverage this data to improve your marketing: it will help you promote the right products and optimize correctly for search and social.

7. Use Viral Marketing

Every holiday provides a unique opportunity to create viral memes, content, and ads. Hire creative who can push the boundaries, since holidays are a great time for businesses to step outside their normal, formal roles.

The right viral marketing campaign can be very inexpensive but generate fantastic results.

8. Run Holiday Ads

Seasonal ads perform better than non-seasonal ads, so you should always be running holiday-themed ads in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day. To cut ad production cost, create evergreen ads that can be run year after year.

9. Cover Every Dad Demographic

Not all dads are created equal. Some dads are geek dads, some are macho dads, and some are metro dads. Find all the dad demographics that your business caters to, then tailor your marketing appropriately.

Sales, ads, social media, and marketing content should target their needs, in terms of design, copy, and so forth.

10. Create Themed Products

If your product development cycle permits it, then consider creating Father’s Day-themed products. For instance, T-shirt companies that print on demand only need to develop a new design to come up with a new product.

When the design and production cost is low enough, this can be a great way to generate a quick spike around this time of the year. And, as with seasonal ads, themed products can be recycled for future use.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to improve your Father’s Day marketing, even if your business doesn’t offer men’s products. Every company, from insurance agencies to app developers, can leverage this holiday for their campaigns.