Advertising in apps pays the bills, so everyone wants to do it right. The more effective your advertising, the more money you’ll make, and the longer your users will stick around.

Should you follow the latest advertising trends or sign up with that new network on the block? What sort of design should you use? Should you have a call-to-action? Read on to find out.

1. Put the User First

In all your designs, from user interfaces to web pages to advertisements, put the user first. The user experience is what matters the most. And, while no one loves being advertised to, you can find ways to creatively integrate ads into your app so that they add value to the user and the app.

2. Test New Ad Formats

Every new technology brings with it new types of ads. Test out the latest formats to see which ones work better for your users and increase conversion rates. Expandable ads, mobile video ads, recommendation engines, and even interactive ads are all new formats you can try.

3. Optimize What You’ve Got

Everybody’s got a budget. There’s never enough time or money in the world to keep testing and optimizing everything, so when you’ve hit the trend ceiling, optimize what you’ve got. Keep re-testing and improving while you work on your next big project.

4. Use a One-Stop Mobile Marketing Shop

Everyone’s goal is to maximize their revenue potential from their apps. But marketing and advertising takes time, especially in such a fragmented and complex mobile marketing world. Don’t sign up for a hundred ad networks, because then you’ll have to analyze data and ROI from a hundred sources.

Sign up for a turnkey monetization and promotion platform. You’ll be able to manage all of your analytics and monetization solutions under one roof, without having to waste hours and hours every week or day just figuring out if you’re making money or not.

5. Engagement is Priority #1

Got your app downloaded? Great! But do they use it?

Advertising relies on people’s attention. Keep your users engaged by creating high-value apps that they use again and again. And integrate ads seamlessly into the program so people don’t get annoyed. Also, test out engagement advertising to remind people about your app and get them back on board.

6. Usability Equals Conversion

When you’re designing for conversion, remember this axiom: designing for conversion equals designing for usability. In other words, the user experience is key. “Glamour” design, flashy graphics, and heavy downloads don’t put the user first.

Technology users have a goal. Whether that goal is to find information on the web, learn something new, or play a game, designers and developers need to accommodate that goal as much as possible. The more usable an interface is, the longer people will use it.

7. Don’t Slow Things Down

Another key for improving usability and the user experience is performance. One famous study showed that a one-second delay can cut conversion rates by 7% on websites.

Slow-loading ads can have the same effect. If you have interstitial ads that take too long to download and display, users may leave without waiting to use your app.

8. Add Incentives

You want ads that convert immediately, so add immediate incentives for action. Certain types of ads, such as limited-time discounts, coupons, or bargains are excellent ways to get users to act on the spot.

You can also add incentives such as in-app upgrades: compel users to complete a certain action, such as an affiliate offer, and watch your conversion rates jump. Adding incentives for social sharing is also a way to get users to help promote your app for you and get more eyeballs on your ad-fueled app.

9. Add Strong Calls-to-Action

If you’ve got any control over your ads, then include calls-to-action. A call-to-action, such as “Act now!” or “Click here for your discount,” are powerful triggers that are used everywhere online. Including a call-to-action with your ads can influence users to complete an action, which will increase your conversions and your revenue.

10. Understand Your Users

Knowing what your users want is the best way to offer them a great experience. The happier they are, the more usable your interface, and the more engaged they are, the more attention your app and your ads will get. Increased conversion rates are a byproduct of satisfied app users.

Perform user testing through surveys, split-testing, and interface optimization. Find out what your users really need and give it to them as seamlessly as possible.

Advertising is one of the most popular and effective ways to earn money from apps. Want to learn more? Click here to keep reading