If you want to build your reputation via social media, you don’t just need the right tools…you need to know how to use those tools.

From growth hacks to tools, this Top 10 list will give you an edge when it comes to social media marketing.

1. Schedule Your Time

Organization is the key to productivity. Here’s how you can schedule your time to stay on top of your social media growth:

  • Curate your day or week in advance.
  • Schedule content distribution in advance.
  • Set aside specific time for social media so it doesn’t eat in to your other productivity blocks.

2. Follow the #F@RT Formula

No, that’s not a cussword.

It’s a formula to help you network and become visible in social media. People monitor their accounts and reputations, so when you are active, they will notice.

Here’s what the formula stands for:

  • Hashtag – Always use hashtags. Social media gurus watch the airwaves and will notice you when you consistently pop up. You will also make your way onto lists and onto the radar of influencers.
  • Favorite – Favorite tweets and like posts that matter to your business. Also, favorite and like posts by influencers, prospects, and other targets. This will help you stay noticed.
  • @ Mention – When you mention people, they notice. You’ll earn more followers and become noticed by people you care about.
  • Retweet – Retweeting, reblogging, and reposting are other ways to get noticed and become part of the conversation.

3. Build Lists and Track Trends

Your reputation depends on staying current and up-to-date.

On Twitter, you can build lists. These can help you follow those who matter, while still keeping your home feed clean.

Tracking trends with content discovery platforms will help you follow the conversation. This way, you can actually add meaningful information to the conversation and demonstrate your expertise.

4. Monitor Your Reputation…and Respond

Use reputation monitoring tools to track what people say about you.

These are critical to brand success online. If you don’t monitor your reputation carefully, you can’t manage people’s perception of you and stay in good standing.

When people comment favorably, respond favorably. And when they comment negatively…respond favorably.

5. Target Influencers and Leverage Them

Influencers can help you grow quickly. They already have reputations and followings, so leverage them to grow your business.

Follow them, interact with them, and network with them. When you can climb to their level, your reputation will follow.

However, to successfully network with these influencers, you need to add value. Be authentic, transparent, trustworthy, and non-self-promotional.

6. Influence the Conversation

To influence the conversation, you need to add meaning and value to the dialogue.

This requires:

  • Expertise – You need to become an expert in your field. Study, learn, and grow.
  • Influence – Build your reputation with these tips and tricks to help grow your influence.
  • Authority – When you develop expertise and influence, you will become known as an authority.

These three ingredients will help you drive the dialogue in your industry.

7. Become a Community Developer

Develop a community and a following.

People who follow you will help you promote the brand image and reputation that best helps your business. A community can be like a miniature army that performs marketing, grows your reputation, and builds brand awareness.

Develop community by participating in forums, moderating groups, educating others, and following the tips in this guide.

8. Connect Your Content

Social media is a primary arm for content distribution. And your content is a great way to demonstrate authority, build influence, and engage users.

Make sure you connect your content to your target audience on social media. Automate blog-to-social feeds and post your content multiple times to increase exposure.

9. Remember: Offline and Online Are One

Online marketing should just be an extension of your offline business. Your social media marketing campaign should be one part of your overall marketing campaign.

Integrate social with your offline marketing efforts, from networking events to conferences to business events.

For instance:

  • Post about events that you attend.
  • Post about business events, sales, deals, and so on.
  • Include personable social media streams about your staff and your offline business, such as party pictures and event photos.
  • Connect with people and customers that you meet offline.

10. Prevent and Manage Crises

One wrong incident can trash years of reputation building.

Prevent crises before they happen. When incidents come to light – such as problems with products or services – be the first responder. Show up on the scene and alleviate concerns before disgruntled customers do.

Manage crises by keeping cool and responding quickly. Brushing crises under the rug will only make things worse. Brands who respond negatively earn negative media exposure, so avoid fanning the flames.


Social media is one of the best inventions of the internet age. You can connect with prospects, become an influencer, and build a reputation. With these tips, you can gain an edge over the competition and take your online reputation to the next level.