People are online during the holidays. That’s simply a fact. Sure, some people are skiing in the Swiss Alps and vacationing in the Maldives, but for the most part, North Americans and Europeans are at home, keeping warm, and surfing the internet.

Because online sales are “the new black” when it comes to holiday shopping. Sure, some people like the mall at Christmastime, but many prefer to avoid it during the holidays (thereby avoiding mall music and mall lines) and do their shopping in the comfort of their own homes, while wearing fuzzy PJs and well-worn slippers.

Indeed, while internet use drops dramatically on December 24, it’s a hive of activity ‘til then as people look for gifts and special deals for everyone on their gift list. Of course, shopping isn’t the only pre-Christmas activity online. The internet is also abuzz with people looking for recipes, songs, decorating ideas and more.

With all these potential new users online, it’s the ideal time to ramp up your online campaigns so that you’re ready to seize the opportunity of increased traffic and increase your installs. Here are some 10 tips on how you to optimize your install funnel in Xmas 2014 for increased monetization.

1. Create catchy banners You might be able to get away with using the same banners ads for 10 or 11 months of the year, but the holiday season is the time to invest a bit more in your online presence, and customize things for the season. People are searching for Christmas cheer when they’re online, and if they see ads decked out for the holiday, they are far more likely to click.

If you can’t afford customized Christmas designs created by a design studio, look for some free holiday-themed stock photos and use classic holiday colors to jazz things up.

2. Customize your landing pages This tip applies all year long, of course, but even more so during the holiday season. Create a landing page that matches your banners and connects with the holiday season. This will give customers a more holistic experience and increase the likelihood that they will finish the process they started with their first banner click.

3. Let your feelings show People often make decisions based on emotions rather than logic, but this is particularly true during the holiday season. When creating your online campaign, keep this first and foremost in your mind and proceed accordingly. No need to overdo it, as some retailers have done this and gotten more trouble than they bargained for, but keep emotions in mind.

4. Create urgency The truth is, you don’t need to do much in this area. The urgency is already there. After all, Christmas is Christmas and if you miss it, it’s gone. Timeliness is everything when it comes to the holiday season, so do your best to highlight it as best as you can.

5. Prepare for late shoppers People are in a hurry when it comes to the holiday season. This is particularly true after December 15, when people tend to be in a rush. After all, they’ve sort of left things to the last minute. Your pitch should appeal to people who are in a rush and don’t have time to waste. Also, this is the time to optimize your installation process if you haven’t already done so in order to appeal to users who are in a rush.

6. Cherry-pick your install adsIn addition to improving the speed of your installer, this is also the time to optimize the quality and relevance of the ads you are presenting on it. Once again, users who are installing software during the holiday season are goal-oriented and in a rush but they are also open to advertising. Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by.

7. Free delivery It may sound silly, but free delivery is one of the greatest drivers of online purchases. Of course, we all know that online software is always delivered free, but the holidays are a great time for highlighting this. It certainly can’t hurt to mention free delivery – and it may just increase your installs!

8. Split test for best results A/B split testing is always a good idea, as it enables you to test two versions of the same thing – ideally with just one small difference – to see which one works better. You don’t have a lot of time during the holidays, but you do have lots of traffic. Try a single change (i.e., different button color) on two banners and see which one works best. It’s a small thing, but if one banner outshines the other, you could see a major increase in your installs.

9. Less is better Really. It may be tempting to go on and on about how great your product is, how fast it installs, how satisfied users are, how your grandma loves it, etc., but now is not the time to wax poetic. People are in a rush during the holidays. They’ve got lots to do, and a limited time to do it in. So cut down on excessive content and streamline your message.

10. Start early OK, so it may be tad late for starting early, but it’s never too late to start now. The holiday season is here, and it won’t last forever. So if you haven’t started customizing your campaigns for the holiday season, now is the time to start. Ready, set, go!