Everyone should be testing Facebook monetization strategies.

With over 1 billion users and counting, this social network is the easily the biggest in the world. And Facebook is also the third largest website in the world. So it’s certainly a good idea to leverage it for marketing and monetization.

Everyone probably has a basic idea of what to do to monetize a website, but there are always new ways to improve your monetization efforts.

Here are 11 tips to give you some new ideas for your Facebook monetization strategy:

1. Drive Facebook Fans to Your Website

Facebook is a great way to build a following and interact with your customers in a digital social environment. But it’s not always the best place to sell to people.

Drive traffic to your website’s landing page or your ecommerce store in order to create a more sales-focused user experience.

2. Build an Email List

Email lists are the bread and butter of many internet marketing campaigns. You can market to your customers one-on-one when it’s convenient for them – even if they aren’t looking at your Facebook Page or website.

The best way to create an email list is to display a signup, incentive, and call-to-action prominently, even in your header photo.

3. Cover Your Page in Calls-to-Action

People need to be influenced if you want them to take action. So put calls-to-action everywhere on your page, from the about tab to posts and even photos, when appropriate.

Since Facebook is a social network, it’s not always the best outlet to sell to people directly. Instead, use this opportunity to get opt-ins for email lists, drive people to your website, drive downloads of your marketing materials, and so on.

4. Automate Posting

Social media marketing is one of the most time-consuming activities online. Save time on your Facebook posting by using automation software to handle the posting for you.

Here are 3 of the best ones to check out:

1.Buffer​  2.Hootsuite  3.IFTTT

5. Sell Products Directly on Facebook

Sending people to your ecommerce website is one way to sell to them. Another is to sell products directly on Facebook itself. This way, people can purchase directly from you without ever leaving the site.

When you promote products on your Timeline, perform A/B split tests – drive traffic to your external ecommerce store as well as your Facebook store. See which performs better.

6. Create a Group in Your Niche

Monetization and marketing go hand in hand. And one of the best ways to be perceived as an authority in your niche is to create and manage a Facebook group. The best type of group to create is one that caters to your customers’ needs. And puts you in the position of problem-solver.

It takes a bit of work, but the benefits can be enormous. You will gain credibility and access to a whole segment of people that are interested in the solutions you provide.

7. Participate in Other Groups

And another way to connect with people in your industry is to participate in other groups. Every conceivable niche has groups devoted to it, so find them, participate in them, and add value…so you can draw people back to your page.

8. Interact Directly with Your Followers

Social media offers companies a unique opportunity to interact directly with their followers. So use the opportunity to interact with your fans. You’ll increase engagement, improve their brand experience, and create fans who are more likely to buy from you…because they’ll like you.

Consider linking your personal profile – or a personal profile – to the Facebook Page. If you use that profile to interact with customers, you’ll create an even more personalized customer service experience.

9. Create Separate Pages for Your Products

Consider creating additional pages for each of your products. This works particularly well if you have high-value products you’d like to take center stage. If you’re a retailer with a line-up of products, you may want to create a separate page for each line of products.

Doing so will put the focus on the products, rather than your brand.

10. Market Affiliate Products

Some people focus exclusively on affiliate products. But even if you’re a business or a retailer, there’s nothing stopping you from supplementing your income stream with affiliate products.

Just make sure to disclose the fact that you’re selling somewhere on your page.

11. Drive People to Your Other Social Media

You want to stay on top of your customers’ attention as much as possible. So meet them wherever they are, from Instagram to Twitter to Tumblr.


All of your social media outlets, including your Facebook Page, should be part of your sales funnel. So treat your Facebook Page like a touchpoint within that funnel: use it to communicate value and convince people to buy from you.

Monetization 11 Tips to Better Facebook Monetization and Marketing