Content needs to spread, so start sharing and increase your posts’ total shares with these 20 types of content.

1. Lists

Lists are just that – checklists, numbered lists, bulleted lists, or other line-by-line itemized articles.

Research has proven that lists tend to earn the most shares, the most views, and the most traction among all types of content.

Also, OkDork revealed research that showed 10 to be the “magical number” for lists, receiving more shares than other types of lists.

2. How-tos

How-to articles are another staple of blogging and content marketing.

Regardless of your industry or niche, you should be able to come up with plenty of advice and tips for your readers.

These posts also earn a large number of shares when compared to other types of articles.

3. Reviews

Reviews can be product reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, app reviews, and so on.

Naturally, you should pick a product type that is relevant to your industry and interesting to your readers.

4. Infographics

Infographics can earn 3 times more shares than other types of content.

People love infographics because they are easy to read, yet can contain lots of information.

They can seriously boost your social shares, as well as search rankings.

5. Memes

In terms of content marketing and blogging, think of memes as pictures that have funny captions beneath them.

They aren’t always informational in nature, but people love humor, so shares will follow.

6. Interviews

Interviews are an excellent way to increase your audience pool.

When you interview experts in your field or a related niche, you’ll gain access to the expert’s audience, not to mention their expertise, credibility, and valuable information.

7. Research

Hard data is very valuable and can be a great way to increase shares with media outlets.

If you don’t have original research, then curate research. It tends to be more popular with the influencers and leaders in a given industry.

8. Long-form content

Long-form content almost always has more information than short-form content.

This increases user engagement, shares, and value.

Several studies have found that long-form content increases search rankings, as well as time on site and social success.

9. Rants and Opinions

Opinions may tap into a different mindset and customer segment than hard data.

However, these post types can increase empathy – and, consequently, shares – with those segments.

10. Extended Guides

Think of extended guides as long-form how-to articles.

These guides should be replete with images and specific advice on how to complete a process.

11. Personal Stories

Like rants and opinions, personal stories show a human side to your audience.

In an age where everyone is being marketed to, personal stories demonstrate authenticity and transparency.

Ensure that your stories are relevant and relatable – the more readers can relate and empathize, the more they will share.

12. Case Studies

Case studies are examples of a process, product, or service.

They are good ways to prove to your audience the value of your product or service. Or, if the case study isn’t promotional, they are a good way to demonstrate authority in your niche.

13. Resource Lists

Resource lists are like list articles, but they are strictly resource-based.

A resource list of 50 blogs relevant to your readership, for example, should simply contain hyperlinks with a small description…the less editorial content, the better.

14. Recaps

Recaps are simply lists of your existing content.

For example:

  • Top 10 posts of 2015
  • Most-read articles of last week
  • Most popular marketing articles last month

These recaps are easy to produce and cost next to nothing.

15. Videos

Videos are also among the most-shared types of content.

With the ongoing popularity of video content these days, every content marketing program and social media strategy should include video content.

16. Guest Blog Reposts

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to gain exposure.

But when you do guest blog, obtain permission to repost the article on your own site.

This Growmobile post, for instance, first appeared on Social Times, but was then reposted on Growmobile’s own site.

17. News

Everyone loves breaking news…the more it breaks, the more people will share it.

18. Profile Posts

Profiling a person offers many of the same benefits as interviews: you can earn more shares by gaining access to their audience.

These posts have the added benefit of helping you to build relationships with people in your niche or a target industry.

19. Surveys

Surveys are like research. They contain trivia or other information that people find interesting and shareable.

Conducting polls via social media, email, or a blog takes very little effort, but can yield data that will help boost your social exposure.

20. Podcasts

Podcasts are also good forms of regular content that can increase engagement and shares.

These form a staple for many marketers and businesses. The more you podcast, the more results you’ll see.

Final Tips to Increase Social Shares

Here are a few final tips for increasing social shares, regardless of which content type you produce:

  • Influencers can massively increase shares. Consider connecting with them, promoting them, or using the content types mentioned above – interviews, podcasts, profiles, or reviews. Influencers who share your content will have a ripple effect.
  • Promote, promote, promote. Don’t just share a piece of content once. Continually promote your content and watch your shares increase – people may miss it the first few times, so always share.
  • Inspire emotion and trust. The more empathy you create, the more people can relate, and the more they will share. Likewise, the more they trust you and your content, the more likely they are to share your content.
  • Include images and media. It’s a well-known fact that images earn more social shares. This is why you should always put images, videos, or other graphics in your social posts.