Marketers spend so much time changing after Google and all its algorithm updates and new features that they often forget that the search giant isn’t the only player in the game.

Bing is out there growing its market share and introducing new features that prove that it’s a major player.

Here’s a look at some of the 2016 new Bing features that are being offered:

Powering Search Results

Starting at the beginning of the year, Bing started powering search results for AOL.

This may not seem like such a big deal since AOL has fallen from its former top spot as an Internet provider, but AOL continues to be relevant and offer online services. As one of the oldest online providers, it will likely always remain relevant in some form.

The fact that Bing has replaced Google to power AOL’s search results just shows that the search upstart is growing its market share. AOL is likely to be one of many to come.

At the same time that Bing took over search results for AOL, it also stop powering the search results for Yahoo. Now, Yahoo search is powered by Yahoo Gemini, which is a platform for paid search and native advertising. Yahoo didn’t cut ties with Bing because it wasn’t providing the necessary results. Instead, it switched over to a paid model to change its business focus.

Mobile App

In April, Microsoft introduced a big update for the Bing app that improved many of the services it offers.

For search, product and local results were improved significantly. Now when you search using the Bing app on an iPhone, you will get more local results with more information featured right on the page. You won’t have to click around to get what you want.

Similarly, when you search for a product you want to buy, you will get more options from more stores, such as eBay and Best Buy. You won’t have to go to as many websites to do the comparison shopping that is so important to making your purchase decision.

While these updates were made to the app, the image and video search results were also improved. You get far more options in a more user-friendly layout when you search for these visuals.

The Bing app also includes practical updates that go beyond search. For example, you can choose to follow a movie and get notified when it becomes available for streaming. Or you can find local bus routes or schedules based on the information you select on a map.

Overall, the app has also been updated to start up more quickly and to work more efficiently.

Bing Ads

Bing ads have long been an excellent option for marketers trying to get more exposure on a budget. The ads face less competition and they cost less, helping you to get more exposure more quickly.

Now Bing ads have more features that make them even more beneficial. In particular, the Bing ads editor has now been introduced for Mac, allowing these computer users to take advantage of all that Bing has to offer.

Other upgrades to Bing ads include support for managing multiple site accounts and the ability to copy and paste across multiple accounts. These are huge time-saving benefits that allow you to perform bulk work more quickly. Saving time will also save you money, which protects your bottom line and improves your ROI. Bing ads have also introduced image extensions for PC and tablet results.

Image extensions include up to six images on your ads, and they help make your call to action more powerful and increase your clicks. Only one image will be shown at a time, but the images will rotate so you can use them all to your advantage.


Though this is not a new feature of Bing, the way it presents is always new.

The search engine will offer different features for current events. For example, when the Academy Awards was coming up, Bing showed highlights from past Oscars, showed off some of the past red carpet fashion, offered up a printable ballot for people to cast their votes at home, and created a special quiz for movie fans to test their knowledge

Bing Predicts also shared its choices for the winners in each category. These special features were introduced in conjunction with Windows digital assistant, Cortana, which also provided Oscar facts and predictions.

Going forward, Bing continues to provide special features like these for major events and trends. By anticipating these trends and special features, you can get better placement in search by creating some of your own timely and unique content.

Bing should not be ignored as a search engine in your SEO efforts. Stay aware of these and other changes to learn how you can use the growing search engine to get the best exposure for your brand.

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