Email marketing is like the plate of greens you eat at dinner. You’re looking forward to the dessert more, but you know you have to eat the greens because they do what your body needs.

Email marketing may not be the glamorous part of the marketing menu, but it is the solid option that gets the results you need.

In fact, email marketing will only continue to grow in importance in the coming years. You’ll need to understand the changes ahead so that you can strengthen your email marketing campaign to keep getting the leads and conversions you need.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2017 future trends for email marketing:

Improved Personalization

Advanced technology allows us to learn more about online users than ever before.

With the power of advanced intelligence, user-intent technology can tell us things about what users are really trying to accomplish when they are online. It looks at how long they are spending on a page, what actions they are taking, what time of day they visit, and many other factors.

Email marketing will be able to harness that technology to improve personalization. Instead of sending out an email with a person’s name subbed into the subject line, you will be able to send out an email relevant to action a person has just taken or referencing topics the person has read about.

For example, if a person reads about home organization on your site, you might send out an email about the health benefits of minimalism or about a special product you sell to make organization faster.

With improved personalization, you’ll get better open rates and increased sales.

Better Segmentation

You don’t need to waste your time or money by sending an email to your entire list when common sense and experience tells you that every email is not going to land with every person on your list.

Thanks to user-intent software and other tools, you’ll be able to better segment your email list so that you have better defined groups for each email you want to send.

You’ll be able to easily choose the subscribers in your list who will be interested in the article you’re about to send out or the product you’re about to promote. You’ll be able to easily follow up with the subscribers who have just purchased, those who need a little nudging after visiting the site, or those who added something to the cart but then abandoned it.

By segmenting your list, you’ll focus your time and efforts on only those subscribers most likely to respond to your appeal.

Improved Mobile Optimization

More people are using their mobile devices to go online, and the majority of people like to use their mobile phones to check their email.

If your emails are not optimized for mobile users, you are going to lose a lot of conversions.

Your emails should load nearly instantaneously, and they should display properly on the screen. Mobile users should not have to scroll to the side to see all of the email. They should not see tiny X’s where images or graphics did not load. They should not have huge areas of white space because text did not format properly.

Any problems with the way the email displays will cause users to close or delete the email immediately, and your opportunity will be lost.

Make sure all of your emails are optimized for mobile users.

Increased Social Integration

Email and social media are the two primary ways that people get information, so they are a perfect match.

Some estimates show that adding social sharing buttons to your emails can increase clickthrough rates by 150 percent. That’s huge potential exposure for your marketing. Create the right material and you can channel that into huge leads and sales. You’ll see more followers on social media, more subscribers to your email list, and more sales.

You can also integrate social media into your emails, such as by including links to live video streams, graphics shared on social media, and other content. You should also share links to your social profiles, of course.

Including this kind of integration can strengthen the impact of both your email marketing and your social media marketing, helping you to increase your ROI.

Email marketing can provide a huge return if you do it right. You can quickly create more exposure for your brand, drive more traffic to your website and social media channels, encourage brand loyalty, and increase your sales.

Take the New Year as an opportunity to strengthen your email marketing campaign and start getting the results you want from it. Use these predictions for the coming year to shape your new strategy and to make sure you are staying relevant in the changing times. Make 2017 the year of your success!