Do you have any content monetization tricks up your sleeve for Halloween in 2015?

Whether you’re a blogger, a website owner, or an app developer, you should be engaging in holiday marketing campaigns. The right campaign at the right time will generate more traffic, boost engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your content monetization strategy on Halloween this year:

21 Content Monetization Tricks for Halloween in 2015

1. Dress up your website, app, or physical store

Halloween is the perfect time to add a little spice to your website, app, or your physical store. Use all the traditional decorations online and off, from cobwebs to jack-o’-lanterns.

2. Rebrand your products or services

Whether you’ve got physical or digital products, you can dress them up for Halloween in 2015. Consider what themes would resonate most with your audience, such as zombies or ghosts, then rebrand your products to match.

3. Put costumes on your mascot, in-game characters, or logo

If you’ve got a mascot, then it should certainly wear a costume this Halloween. If not, dress up any digital assets, such as logos and in-game characters or virtual spaces.

4. Run a reverse trick-or-treat program online

Physical businesses often run reverse trick-or-treat programs, where they hand out boxes of goodies, coupons, etc. Consider running one online to your social media following and your email list.

5. Hold a virtual costume contest

Hold a social media costume contest and give out prizes to the winners. Free subscription periods, free products, or even iPads will all do the trick.

6. Host a Halloween-themed webinar

B2B businesses can run a Halloween-themed webinar to spike engagement and have a bit of fun. If you include two-way video, you can combine with other themed ideas, such as a costume contest.

7. Dress up your staff and get social

Dressing up can not only increase staff engagement, you can interact online to boost customer engagement. Post pictures and videos on social media, then post about your Halloween activities.

8. Offer Halloween discounts, sales, and bargains

Naturally, every holiday should come with a discount or sale. Make sure to spread the word across your channels.

9. Have a party

Do you have a physical business? If so, hold a party, give out treats, coupons, and discounts.

10. Create limited-edition products

Dressing up products is one way to go with the Halloween flow. Take it one step further, though, by employing the scarcity principle and creating a limited-edition product.

11. Get creative with your creatives

Halloween gives you the chance to get really crazy with your creatives, your marketing, and your ads, so don’t pass this chance up.

12. Create Halloween-themed content packages

Got a great idea for a guide? Run it through your design department and issue a Halloween-themed content package, such as an ebook, a guide, or a catalog.

13. Run a video or photo contest that promotes your products

Online costume contests are a great way to engage. But see if you can tie in the Halloween spirit to a contest that focuses on how customers use your products or services. Reward the winners with more of the same.

14. Market early

Don’t wait too late to run your Halloween campaigns. Market early to increase engagement, traffic, and sales.

15. Hold a pumpkin-carving contest

Costume contests are great, but so are pumpkin-carving contests. Families will likely be carving already, so engage the whole family by offering prizes and discounts to those who earn the most shares and likes.

16. Create a themed bundle

Got a digital lineup of products? No problem. Create a Halloween-themed bundle that’s only offered until midnight on October 31st.

17. Offer discounts for costume wearers

If you have a physical store, offer discounts to anyone who comes dressed up for Halloween. And if you have an online business, do the same to anyone who dresses up their profile image.

18. Design a themed infographic

Another take on the themed content package is to create a Halloween-themed infographic. Don’t forget to add real information, data, and value.

19. Don’t ignore the kids

Halloween is a family holiday, so don’t forget to incorporate them into your Halloween monetization plan. Engage children and the parents will follow.

20. Give out hashtag treats

Create a hashtag that promotes your business and give out digital treats to anyone who posts with that hashtag.

21. Mine your customers for ideas

Still at a loss? Engage your customers and ask them what they’re doing for Halloween in 2015. Their responses should give you some ideas you can use for your holiday monetization campaign.


Though the end of the year gets all the attention from marketers, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Halloween to make more money from your customers.

Whether your business is online or offline, you can use Halloween to monetize, market, and make money. Even straitlaced B2B companies can use this holiday as an excuse to cut loose a little. A little bit of fun and excitement will boost employee morale, customer engagement, and conversion rates.