Do you need some fuel to take your next advertising campaign to a higher level?

The 5 solutions covered in this article help with advertising, marketing, and monetization. Whether you need to boost user acquisition for your app, monetize a software program, or add value to your website, CodeFuel’s got you covered.

Here are just a few ways that CodeFuel can help you take your advertising campaign to the next level:

1. DisplayFuel

DisplayFuel is a premium display advertising network that helps both advertisers and publishers. This ad solution is specifically cultivated for software publishers, by software publishers.

Advertisers and software developers can spread the word about their products and services to a select, targeted user base. DisplayFuel’s curated ad spaces cover a range of websites, blogs, search pages, and other online portals.

Publishers, likewise, can monetize their online real estate by offering valuable, relevant ads to their users.

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, DisplayFuel is an ideal advertising solution for any business in the software space.

2. SiteFuel

SiteFuel is an ad- and search-based monetization solution. In-site search results are delivered via an intuitive grid, which improves the user experience and adds value to websites.

Relevant advertising is delivered alongside the search results, opening the doorway to new monetization opportunities. Searches earn money via a revenue share with industry-leading search providers, as well as in-search ads.

This multi-channel content improves user engagement, which helps to increase user retention and long-term monetization potential.

SiteFuel is particularly valuable for content marketers, content creators, and website owners with lots of content to offer their users.

3. BroadcastFuel

BroadcastFuel, like other CodeFuel solutions, offers unparalleled value to advertisers and publishers alike.

This video advertising platform gives advertisers access to unique, exclusive media that reaches users across devices and channels. Yields and eCPMs are among the highest in the industry, so businesses can expect equally high returns on their ad spend.

For advertisers, BroadcastFuel offers a unique advantage over other ad networks and platforms. It stays ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the worldwide demand for video, multi-channel technology, and insightful data capabilities.

Every advertiser should pay close attention to video marketing solutions such as BroadcastFuel. As Social Times pointed out, video is a must.

4. MobileFuel

MobileFuel is an app monetization solution that lets developers focus on building great apps…instead of worrying about monetizing them. The ads that power this platform are fueled by a state-of-the-art, data-driven targeting engine.

This gives developers the ability to reach the right customers at the right time and the right place, maximizing returns and minimizing investment. Powerful analytics offer actionable insights and optimization potential.

Every app developer who is looking for another way to boost their app’s revenue potential should examine this solution.

5. Grow Mobile

Growmobile solves two of the biggest marketing challenges faced by app developers these days: user acquisition and user retention. The Growmobile platform aggregates a wide range of ad sources, networks, and exchanges into one dashboard.

This solution makes marketing easy, makes social simple, and makes growing your mobile strategy a piece of cake. Whether you manage your own campaigns or enlist the experts at Growmobile, this platform will help you optimize your campaign, skyrocket returns, and put more energy back into your business.

How These Solutions Fuel Advertising Campaigns

These days, marketers need all the help they can get. And that’s where Perion’s tools come in.

Here are just a few of the major benefits offered by all of these marketing and monetization solutions:

  • In-depth analyticsAdvertisers need to know whether their campaigns are working, which ones offer the most value, and how to refine their efforts to make even more from their ad spend. Perion’s tools focus on real-time data that delivers real results. Easy-to-grasp visuals are combined with customized reporting capabilities to bring the most actionable, insightful analytics that money can buy.
  • Revolutionary algorithmsThe programming that drives these solutions defines industry standards. From the targeting engines to the analytics, these tools overcome obstacles automatically.
  • Exceptional valueEnd users matter most, which is why these solutions focus on maximizing value for the customers. From relevant ads to rich UI, ongoing engagement is the top priority.
  • Easy to use Whether you’re a code monkey or a blogger, these tools have got you covered. In-site search solutions, such as SiteFuel, can be implemented with a bit of cutting and pasting. And complex mobile marketing solutions, like Growmobile, make multi-stage campaign creation and user engagement painless.
  • Industry-defining resultsOf course, results are what matter the most, and all of these solutions deliver. They cover the pipeline from end to end, maximizing the returns from the very first exposure. With the data-driven technology that powers these tools, every marketer will be able to continually optimize their efforts and escalate results, returns, and profits.

These top tools will help you earn more from your marketing efforts, whether you’re engaging app users, launching a new website, or monetizing your software.