Not all pay-per-install companies are created equal. In fact, CodeFuel beats all the others, hands down.

Here are just 7 reasons why:

1. More Than Just a Pay-Per-Install Company

CodeFuel is more than just a pay-per-install company, we are a leading provider of turnkey monetization solutions, from display advertising to search monetization, mobile monetization, and more.

While your typical pay-per-install company provides nothing more than an installer, our full suite of products offers monetization solutions every developer can use.

2. A Big Network With Big Reach

Another drawback from using smaller networks is just that: they’re small. Our network reaches around the world to 260,000 clients and millions of users.

But size isn’t everything.

We leverage our industry expertise to provide highly targeted, highly relevant advertising content to users around the world. Our years of monetization and marketing expertise caters to high quality users, who become high quality leads, who then become long-term, loyal customers.

3. White Label Customization Specific to Your Brand

InstallFuel, our flagship pay-per-install program, isn’t about us, it’s about you. This installer can be customized to fit your brand, replete with your logo, your photos, your colors, your copy, and your content.

The goal of InstallFuel is to make you money, and we’ve found that the best way to do that is by giving you complete control over the installation experience. In other words, you turn the installer into your own advertising funnel.

4. Installation Funnel Optimization that Boosts Your Bottom Line

The installation funnel, as we like to call it, is the installation process that monetizes your product for you. The download and installation is the first point of contact with your customer. it is also the first opportunity you have to monetize your software.

Powerful analytics allow you to measure your installation funnel, track the number of downloads, find out what works, and monitor your income. A/B split-testing functionality lets you improve your installation funnel, optimize conversions, and boost your bottom line.

5. A Host of Tools to Assist with Promotion, Distribution, and More

Our turnkey monetization platform is designed to help developers monetize and advertise their software. InstallFuel is just one of those ways.

Here are a few others:

MobileFuel – MobileFuel is the mobile monetization solution for mobile developers. Earn money with an easy-to-embed mobile search box that earns revenue with every search.

SearchFuel – Whether you’re developing for Mac or Windows, this search box will help you monetize your application, extension, or website.

DisplayFuel – Developers need to grow in order to thrive, and the DisplayFuel display advertising network is the key to your success. This exclusive ad inventory caters to an exclusive audience and only brings the highest quality traffic.

ControlCenter – This is the central analytics hub for all of our monetization products. Track and analyze all of your traffic, engagement, and revenue in one place.

GrowMobile – This is the go-to tool for aggregated mobile media buying and retargeting. Track multiple traffic sources and campaigns in one dashboard, so you know what needs to be done on the spot.

6. Marketing Plus Monetization Equals Growth

It is hard enough to keep up with advertising and monetization in today’s fragmented marketing world. Navigating the countless ad networks and negotiating the pricing and ROI can be tricky at best and impossible at worst.

But InstallFuel, not to mention the rest of these tools, solve many of the problems faced by developers today. The biggest problem, perhaps, is monetization.

But without growth, you cannot make any money. Since monetization and promotion go hand in hand, it only makes sense to build platforms that do both jobs. The more money you earn with us, the more you can fuel your growth. And the more you grow, the more money you can make.

7.  Industry Experts Do the Work for You

Ultimately, developers, advertisers, and publishers choose to use our products because they generate income.

To say that InstallFuel generates ROI is an understatement: it is one of the best methods on the market for monetizing software.

Our expert staff has years of experience working hard to help developers make money from their software, and our track record of success speaks for itself.

Developing a proprietary pay-per-install program would simply be out of the question for the majority of software companies and developers, so our pay-per-install software represents the best, most logical choice.


Though there are a small number of pay-per-install companies out there on the market, they can’t compare to CodeFuel. They are, quite simply, small fish in a big pond.