You’ve probably read a million articles that talk about advertising, and after all that, you can only conclude one thing – there is no perfect solution that will guarantee you and your business success. What you need is something truly yours and something that is customized according to your own needs, so trying out some different approaches might actually be a good thing. 

Advertising Your App in an Unusual Way – There are different standard ways of advertising your applications, and most of them use advertising over search engines, banners or simply by using social media to promote your apps endlessly, whatever they were designed for. Another important fact that we’ve mentioned countless times is that without a good marketing or advertising strategy, chances are slim that your product will be even noticed, and your business is most likely to suffer, let alone grow.

So, another important thing that you can always resort to is trying to be creative: in the end, some basic ways of advertising are not always so successful, or maybe they cannot guarantee you the number of downloads that you need, so a more unusual approach might be required. So, what are some of the strategies that can draw the attention of a wider audience? We’ll try and discuss some of them.

Guerrilla Marketing

The basic idea behind guerrilla marketing is that it should be low cost, simple, but also yield the best results. When you think about it, that isn’t something that strange, as all marketing strategies try to do exactly that, but guerrilla marketing is trying to make your customer informed about your product in a way that is surprising, or simply strange. Traditional marketing methods might be too standard, dare I say boring, while guerilla marketing aims to get to the consumer on a more emotional level.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is usually used by small companies who are trying to find a creative, flexible and cheap solutions, but with a high level of risk, since guerrilla marketing strategies have a high level of failure. This includes being something unconventional, unexpected and unique, yet memorable in the eyes of a viewer. Anything can be your ad in guerrilla marketing: a clever yet simple flyer, or an installation that does not even have to focus your product but still have it somewhere as a reminder. There are many examples of this kind of advertising, and you should really check them out.

Viral Marketing

Imagine how people like to gossip and how words travel quite fast if people are inspired to talk? Well, the same thing can be applied to your ad! Viral marketing is also a continuation of your guerrilla marketing or any other kind that has attracted attention of the public eye. Like a virus, viral marketing campaign can quickly blow out of proportions, and the whole point is using the public as your medium, which is extremely cheap and efficient way for exchanging information. But the hard part is to get the people talking.

Viral marketing

So, how do you create the buzz? Well, some viral marketing strategies work better than the others, and it is mostly related to the type of product you are trying to advertise. Advertising an Android or iOS game is easy, while trying to get people to install your pdf reader can be sort of a tricky business. Viral marketing has to be effortless, meaning that you cannot advertise something extremely complicated this way. Viral marketing also exploits human behavior, meaning it is provoking in a good, or a bad way. Remember the old saying – there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The simple example is using the word free next to your product in order to attract attention and then offering the premium version.

But remember, the whole point of viral marketing is using the people to transfer your message, and you’ll only need to adjust your product accordingly. A viral marketing campaign can easily include something funny, even ridiculous in itself, but memorable – and if people find it interesting, they will share it among themselves, even if to ridicule it, but the goal has been reached, and your product is out there and people are talking about it. Various slogans can also contribute to that, so whatever you think of advertising, it should only be serious on the inside, while on the outside, laughter is probably the best emotion you can get from an ordinary customer.