We know you’re busy thinking about the holidays – heck, so are we. But we can’t spend our entire day decorating Christmas cookies and planning the office party.

Furthermore, just because we’re busy buying gifts doesn’t mean we can lose sight of the bottom line: business. If we don’t stay focused on monetizing, how on earth are we going to handle our Amazon bill when it arrives?


That’s why we’re so excited about the Affiliate Summit West 2015 (Jan 18-20, Paris Las Vegas). We know, at the moment it seems a lifetime away, but it’s really just around the corner. Hundreds of people like you (and us!) are preparing for the Summit. 

There will be thousands of vendors, agencies, merchants and affiliates in attendance in Las Vegas. So if you haven’t got your tickets yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? And if you have, don’t forget to set up a meeting with us. Because we’d love to see you!

To have a chat about how we can monetize your world, meet Perion CodeFuel at Booth #9006, or Meeting Room #MR2, plus Meet Market table #620.

All You Need Is Code

We love the Beatles and their awesome tune inspires our slogan for ASW 2015: All You Need Is Code. And that’s the truth, really.

Code enables people to create the amazing products that are changing the way the world works. Here at CodeFuel, we use code to help people with apps, software and websites earn revenue. That revenue enables the creation of even more great products.

At CodeFuel, code is our priority. It’s so important, in fact that we’ve integrated it into our name. With our code, web and software publishers of every size and from every industry can radically increase their revenues. By integrating with our solutions, publishers can literally turn their code into cash.

When you join Perion CodeFuel’s monetization network, you become part of the world's leading monetization platform. This means you’ll earn more for every install, and get reliable monthly payments directly to your account. Also, because Perion CodeFuel’s solutions are enhanced by leading search engines including Bing, Ask and Yahoo!, you’ll know that you are providing users with the best search engine support in the industry.

What is CodeFuel?

If we’re going to meet at Affiliate Summit West 2015, then we should really get to know each other a bit better. So now is as good a time as any to introduce ourselves informally. We’re Perion CodeFuel and we’ve been a global provider of monetization and distribution solutions since 2005. Over the past decade, we’ve helped more than 260,000 publishers worldwide monetize their software and web traffic.

And like any good software monetization company today, we’ve got data. Lots of it. Every month, we analyze 12 TB of it! All that data is put to good use, optimizing our monetization system so that you earn more money for every install or search.

What do we do?

Our business is about accelerating yours. We offer a range of solutions to increase your revenues. These include both web monetization and software monetization solutions. Both types of solutions can be adjusted to your specific needs and size. Just let us know a bit about your business and we’ll tell help you find the solution that’s best for your needs. Here’s a brief summary of the types of solutions we offer.

Web Monetization

If you are an affiliate, website owner or web publisher, then web monetization may be exactly what you need. With our platform, you can monetizeyourweb traffic through display ads, search feeds, and more web-based solutions. In other words, if traffic isn’t an issue for you, then CodeFuel’s web monetization solutions will help you take the traffic you have and make the most of it.

Software Monetization

If you’re an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), then you may want to boost your revenue by bundling your software with our search and non-search tools. Software publishers can receive regular monthly payments via our Pay-Per-Install (PPI) program or revenue sharing. This can increase your revenue with every install while increasing your user base at the same time. Add some targeted advertisements to the install flow and you’ll increase your earnings even more.  

Drop by – It’ll be worth your while! 

After all this, still wondering why you should set up a meeting at the ASW 2015? Well for one thing, we’re really nice people. Honestly. And we’re not just saying that because we’re talking about ourselves. We’ve got lots of industry peers who can vouch for us.

In addition, meeting with us will help you strengthen your monetization program. We’ve got solutions to help developers, publishers and advertisers of all sizes and in a range of fields.

Still not convinced? Well, we don’t want to brag, but we’re planning an excellent free giveaway. (We can’t tell you want it is, but we promise that it won’t beep in your luggage, or light up your room after you’ve gone to sleep). So send us an email to codefuel@perion.com or at our events page, and we’ll set up a meeting, or drop by our booth (#9006). So don’t delay.