Software advertising networks are the best choice if you’re a developer trying to promote or even monetize your code. Whether you’re developing an app, a browser extension, or a piece of software, these networks offer benefits that you just won’t find with your standard advertising network or platform.

CodeFuel’s software advertising network, DisplayFuel, is a prime example of a network that fuels developer monetization and promotion. With an exclusive inventory and a cultivated network of owned and operated sites, search pages, and leading software publishers, this display advertising network has been specifically designed to maximize developers’ marketing ROI.

In no particular order, here are a few benefits that you’ll get from a premium software advertising network:

Networks That Deliver

The networks that deliver are those that have high quality content. Algorithms have their place, but humans at the helm can make all the difference.

If you’re promoting your software, you want to make sure that your products appear in the right context. Only selected, exclusive ads and content are permitted in the network, so you know that your ads will be displayed in:

Premium Software – Content doesn’t just refer to the web. Digital content is dynamic, and apps are among the most dynamic. Selected, premium software ensures that you are only getting premium quality customers who are fully engaged with their apps of choice. Your money shouldn’t be spent on anything less.

Operated Websites – Niche websites can be great advertising platforms – if you know what you’re getting. In many cases, when you choose a giant advertising network, you have no idea where you’ll end up. You may end up paying the same prices for widely varying degrees of traffic quality. Owned and operated websites, on the other hand, ensure a consistently high level of quality that consistently delivers.

The Right Ad Spaces and Formats

Software advertising networks are made by developers, for developers. Since these networks are a core business function, you can be sure that they put time and energy into making them work. Exclusive inventories are coupled with exclusive advertising spaces.

Everything has been tested and refined to maximize conversion rates and advertising ROI. These networks offer all appropriate ad formats, including in-app ad space, website ad spaces, and more.

Targeted ad spaces and appropriate ad formats have two results:

Improved Conversions – By advertising through a pre-refined network, you’re gaining access to ad formats and ad spaces that have already been tested to maximize click-throughs and conversion rates.

Maximum Exposure – More isn’t always better, especially in marketing, and especially if you’re offering a specific product to a specific crowd. What you really want is maximum exposure to the right industry and the right audience, which is exactly what software advertising networks give you.

Targeted, Quality Users

Every advertising network allows you to target and re-target users, but not all networks go deep. And “deep” refers to the quality of the network and its content. A niche network, for instance, specifically devoted to an industry or topic, brings traffic that is more interested and knowledgeable about its topic.

This means you get more qualified users who are more likely to convert and stay converted.

It is well-known that social network traffic doesn’t convert as well and only brings the casual surfer to your doorstep. Part of the reason for this is that people on social media aren’t thinking about products or services, they’re thinking about socializing. Another part is that social media is too broad, and you aren’t able to target customers who would be deeply interested in your software or topic.

A Competitive Edge

Not all developers utilize these specialized networks when marketing their software. And not using such specialized networks has some drawbacks:

Using broad advertising networks results in a lower quality yield. As mentioned above, targeted, quality users is one major benefit that niche networks bring to the table. At the opposite end of the spectrum, developers who don’t use these solutions bring in lower quality traffic. When you use software advertising networks and they don’t, you have the edge.

Using non-targeted networks or self-managing multiple networks is inefficient. Many developers haven’t moved on to the solutions offered by monetization platforms, promotion platforms, and software advertising networks. This results in an inefficient use of resources: more money is spent on managing marketing and boosting yield. If you use the right network, however, you gain an edge over these competitors in terms of marketing ROI.

Software advertising networks are the ideal choice for any developer who wishes to earn a high return, reach a high quality audience, and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing advertising world. When you look for a software advertising network, make sure that it delivers all of these benefits.