Monetization’s a thorny problem for anyone trying to earn revenue from their apps. Whether you’re a seasoned software publisher or a freelance developer, patching together a monetization solution for your app can be almost as much work as creating it.

What software developers and publishers need is a turn-key solution, like a monetization platform, that does the work for you. CodeFuel’s convenient monetization platform is an industry-leading example of a solution that does all the legwork of distribution, marketing, and revenue-generation. This lets you turn your attention away from monetization so you can focus on the business of making software.


What Monetization Platforms Do

In short, they do all the work for you! These platforms are toolboxes that provide an income solution that integrates with your existing app. Monetization solutions such as smart installers or in-app advertising platforms offer the two vital things you need to grow: exposure and revenue.

They do both through advertising. When you advertise your products through these platforms you get exposure. And when you advertise third party products you get revenue. It’s that simple.

Smart Installers Equals Smart Monetization

Smart installers, such as InstallFuel, offer an easy way to reach a worldwide audience. This is one of our time- and money-savers, designed to generate revenue during the installation, increase download speed, and increase the total number of downloads for your product.

CodeFuel’s convenient monetization platform lets you advertise third-party software during installation, which is how you make money. And when it comes time to expand your reach, you can reach out through the CodeFuel advertising network to advertise your own products.

And when we say smart installers are smart, we mean smart. They offer built-in A/B testing and analytics, so you can tweak your install funnel as you go. Add steps, change options, and customize the installer with new colors or themes. As any experienced marketer knows, small changes can mean big differences in conversion rates. Revenue becomes a breeze with CodeFuel’s convenient monetization platform.

Worried about distribution? Don’t. We’ve got partners upon partners, replete with software publishers, affiliate networks, software utilities, and our global network reaches millions of users around the world.

Distribute Better with Browser Extensions

Monetization platforms come in many flavors. One flavor of monetization is powered with display ads, such as DisplayFuel.

This simple tool brings extraordinary benefits. Like InstallFuel, DisplayFuel offers high quality, relevant promotions to its users. Real users and cutting edge algorithms determine what to display. DisplayFuel only gives your users what they want, which increases conversions and revenue. And when you want to distribute your content, DisplayFuel puts its powerful optimization to work in your favor. Partners for this tool include price comparisons, bookings, and more. 

Mobile Monetization Platforms

Handling your own advertising and marketing campaigns is extremely time consuming. You have to track your campaigns across multiple networks, optimize your campaigns for each of those networks, analyze statistics, keep up with advertising trends, and keep a close watch on the marketing industry.

Who has time for all that?

Mobile monetization strategies range from in-app advertising to freemium apps to paid products. Some methods work better than others, but advertising is quickly being recognized as the most effective form of monetization out there.

CodeFuel’s MobileFuel offers yet another solution to the monetization problem. This mobile search feed can be quickly integrated into any relevant mobile app. Every time your users search, you get paid. As with all of our products, it’s customizable and makes income-generation easy.

Benefits of CodeFuel’s Convenient Monetization Platforms

Turn-key –  You get a solution that solves the two biggest stumbling blocks for developers and software publishers: reaching users and earning revenue.

Start now – Easy installation, easy customization, and quick integration let you launch immediately.

Optimize on the go – Our built-in analytics show you what’s working and what’s not, so you can make adjustments on the fly.

Short-term solution – Start seeing results as soon as you push the “Sign up now” button.

Long-term monetization – Our monetization solutions bring ongoing revenue that keeps users engaged for the long haul.

When you evaluate a monetization toolbox, you need to make sure that it offers these two major benefits: increased exposure and increased revenue. The right platforms are complete monetization solutions that automate these job functions. After all, the more time we have, the more productive we can be. Our leading monetization platforms offer the tools you need to help you get back your time, so you can focus on your business. 



Advertising Benefits of CodeFuel’s Convenient Monetization Platform