The online business climate is constantly changing. New ways of doing business are emerging, and new ways of marketing your business are being made possible thanks to emerging technologies and a shifting online culture. Staying on top of changing trends can help you learn about the best practices to promote your business and ensure that you meet your goals.

The right marketing strategy is key to your success. Developing a multi-faceted strategy can help you reach more potential customers to create exposure for your brand and drive sales. Watching industry leaders is a great way to learn about new marketing practices to find that success. Here are a few of the best online marketing strategies that leaders in every industry are using right now:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like advertising, but it is more effective because it pays for results. You don’t just pay a fee to have your ad shown or pay a few cents every time someone clicks on your ad. Instead, you pay a small commission every time someone actually buys your product or provides lead information for a service. You can use affiliate marketing for every type of product or service that you offer, and you can set the commission. If you sign up for the right affiliate marketing network, you’ll have access to thousands of potential publishers all looking to promote your products.

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If you sell applications or software, you can sign up for a special type of affiliate marketing program called pay per install. This program works by paying a commission each time your app or software is installed. Again, you pay only for results, so you know that any money you are investing is generating actual sales. With the right network, you can quickly grow your sales and strengthen your business.

Mobile Advertising

Display advertising still has its place in online business marketing, but you must choose where you invest your dollars very carefully. Millions of sites sell advertising, but only a fraction of them actually get results.

One way to make your advertising dollars count is to invest them in mobile advertising.

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A growing share of Internet users are accessing websites through their mobile devices, and the numbers are only expected to grow. Eventually, the majority of your visitors will come from mobile devices. Because the mobile experience is different than accessing the Internet through a laptop or desktop, you have to create a unique website for mobile users, as well as unique mobile marketing. Mobile ads are designed to fit on the mobile screen, to get noticed without taking up a lot of bandwidth (such as with flashy graphics) and to focus on solutions to encourage immediate action.

Browser Extensions 

Many people have a browser extension in the program they use to access the Internet. The extension typically sits right under the URL bar, and can include a variety of widgets or other information. Many people use browser extensions to monitor their stocks or to get real-time updates on the local weather.

Many browser extensions include advertising, which can be based on the user’s browsing history. By advertising with a browser extension, you can reach users in a unique way that gets their attention, increasing the effectiveness of your ad. You won’t have to compete with a lot of other ads in this space, so your ads will get noticed. Users are also more likely to act since they associate the browser extension with providing useful tools. They may see your ad as a useful recommendation rather than just another ad.

Smart Installers

When customers download a piece of software, a smart installer can help speed up the process and make installation a little easier. Smart installers also display special offers to users while they are waiting for their download to finish. Advertising with smart installers is a unique way to reach a specific target audience.

Smart Installers

You will get much more bang for your buck if you advertise your own application or software product through a smart installer. You know the customers are already tech-savvy, and offering them another program that promises to offer a solution to one of their problems is very enticing.

When you put together your online business marketing plan, you need to think beyond basic display advertising. While there is a place for this marketing strategy if it is carefully researched and executed, it will limit you if you rely solely on this type of advertising. Instead, you need to explore new technologies like browser extensions and smart installers to find unique opportunities to reach customers. You can also make an impact by redirecting your display ad budget to mobile advertising and by looking into reputable affiliate marketing programs. Using several of these strategies at the same time can help you maximize results and enable you to meet your business goals sooner.

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