All the best social media campaigns follow a simple recipe and include a set of must-have ingredients.

The biggest mistake many marketers make is thinking that social media is all about follower count or the number of likes. Social media marketing isn’t new, however, so by now it should be clear that these metrics are only indicators that point to the health of any given campaign. To get away from this mindset and begin to develop a social campaign that counts, it’s a good idea to start thinking about social media holistically.

To simplify this fairly complex process, you can include these basic ingredients to start seeing more success in your campaigns.

The Ingredients for the Best Social Media Campaigns

There is a set of ingredients that every marketer should incorporate into their social media campaign. Lose one ingredient and you risk losing conversions and reducing ROI.

Here are the most essential:

A strategy with measurable, specific goals.

Every marketing campaign must begin with a set of goals and a strategy for achieving those goals. In other words, begin by outlining the big picture and tying your marketing objectives directly to the bottom-line business goals.

Whether those goals are user acquisition, lead generation, brand growth, or, more likely, a combination of several objectives, your strategy should focus entirely on those goals.

Here are tips for developing your strategy:

  • Define goals that are attainable and consistent with your current campaigns. Social media is ideal for growing a user base, increasing brand awareness, developing thought leadership, building brand equity, and improving conversions for existing campaigns.
  • Start your strategy development by researching your existing social presence across all of your channels. Discover weaknesses, analyze competitors, examine your own following, and identify ways you can redirect your efforts without compromising your brand.
  • Outline a budget, an appropriate team, and a plan of action. Your plan of action should revolve around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These indicators will help your team remain accountable and they will demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

Top-notch content.

Content is the bread and butter of your social media campaigns. Without it, you will have nothing of value to add to the online discussion.

Create and curate thoughtful, useful, relevant content that will engage users and inspire them to share.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that your content should not increase engagement, it should align with your social media marketing goals and your overall marketing funnel goals. Create content that informs and persuades users towards your way of thinking, which will help establish you as a thought leader in your field.

Social advertising.

People spend more time on social media than on any other activity, making it the perfect advertising venue. Social ads and promoted content are ideal ways to achieve your marketing goals.

In today’s marketplace, businesses who want to stay competitive should stay on the cutting edge of automation solutions, advertising platforms, and monetization tools. Early on in the mobile advertising ecosystem, it became clear that automation was necessary to survive.

Today, that’s more true than ever, with advertising platforms that allow programmatic buying, real-time bidding, trigger-based advertising, and more.

MakeMeReach and GrowMobile, for instance, simplify campaign management for both social and mobile advertising. These advanced platforms allow marketers to boost productivity by simplifying the complex, multi-channel advertising process. From programmatic buying and real-time bidding to precise targeting and detailed analytics, these types of all-in-one solutions give businesses the marketing edge they need to stay on top of the competition.

An integrated, omnichannel marketing approach.

To create the best social media campaigns, it’s imperative to put social in its place. That is, campaign managers should understand that social is only a part of the omnichannel marketing pie.

Each segment of the holistic, integrated marketing strategy overlaps and works together with the others. Social advertising, social media advertising, content marketing, SEO, print marketing, PR, and other marketing approaches should all work in sync.

Social, therefore, should be placed into context with whatever marketing funnels it contributes to.

Ongoing testing and refinement.

Analytics are meant to be used. The right analytics platforms will enable and enhance personalization, deep social targeting, and ongoing optimization.

Analytics allow effective analysis, but to be truly effective, specific objectives will need to be established. As mentioned, they should be quantified as KPIs. This will make it possible to judge performance against KPIs, identify areas that need improvement, and optimize campaigns accordingly.

The best social media campaigns will make use of metrics that analyze social-specific KPIs, as well as holistic targets that put social against the backdrop of the integrated marketing campaign.


Clearly, social media marketing isn’t just about the number of followers, likes, or shares. Those metrics, though important, are only valuable when they work with a holistic, goal-oriented campaign that utilizes the latest marketing platforms, cutting edge analytics, state-of-the-art social advertising, and top-notch content.