The Bing Ads editor allows you to better manage your pay-per-click campaigns on the second-largest search engine. You can use it to make edits to your ads, to import and export account data, copy and paste campaigns, and much more.

The folks over at Bing continue to improve the editor to bring it more functionality and accessibility. For example, Bing recently introduced a version of the editor for people using Mac computers.

Now Bing has announced that it has made even more changes to the latest version of the editor, version 11.2, that supports custom ad copy for native ads featured on MSN.com.

Changes for MSN.com

In the past, marketers had to create one ad for Bing that would be displayed in both search and native ad placements.

With the changes to the ads editor, marketers can now create a separate, custom ad specifically for native placements on MSN.com. The editor allows these ads to be placed in bulk to save time.

This is an important change for marketers because it allows them to use different strategies that are more effective for native ads. In particular native ads need to have copy that explains the benefits of a product or service to entice readers to click through and learn more about it.

Search ads typically rely on a simple call to action. Therefore, it is important to have different strategies for the different types of ads to make sure you are getting the best results.

Native ads appear in the same groups as search ads in the Bing editor. However, these ads will only appear in native placements when specified — so long as you have at least one search ad specified in the group. If there is no search ad, your native ad will become the default, and it will be delivered for both search and native placements. Therefore, it is important that you actively monitor your campaigns to make sure you have the differentiated ads always active.

Callout and Review Extensions

Another change to the ads editor is support for callout and review extensions.

These extensions appear below the search ads, sort of like additional lines of ad copy. Callout extensions may say something extra about the product, such as “Winner of the xxx Award” or “Guaranteed Satisfaction with Industry’s Best Warranty.” Meanwhile, review extensions refer to reviews from reputable sources online.

These extensions are already being used on Google, so having them on Bing makes these search ads more competitive.

The Bing editor automatically de-dupes elements from ads imported from Google AdWords, making it easier to replicate your campaigns across search platforms.

Importance of Native Advertising

As online advertisements have become savvier, so have online users.

Plenty of ad blockers are now available that prevent online ads from ever showing when users are surfing the web, both on their desktop (or laptop) computers and their mobile devices. It doesn’t matter how great your ad is or how well-placed it is — it will never even show to your target audience if they are using this software.

More and more people are using ad blockers, to the point that brands are losing millions of dollars. If brands do not figure out a way around these ad blockers, they are primed to lose out on a huge opportunity to connect with their audiences.

Native advertising is one way that brands can get around the use of ad blockers. Native ads do not typically appear like ads. When they are used on the sites themselves, they look just like blog posts or other native content. When they are used in search, they look more like regular search listings.

Native ads usually go unflagged by ad blockers, and they are also more enticing to users. By employing more native ads, you can get more clicks and views, which can lead to more sales and conversions.

CodeFuel can help you to get more results from your native ads. The In-tag solution relies on user-intent signals to deliver tailored content to specific users at the right time and on the right platform. It uses a smart algorithm that tries to understand exactly what the user needs in that moment.

With our platform, you can advertise your content and get a lot more clicks and conversions. We make sure that readers see content that is specific to their wants and needs so that they are more likely to click through to learn more. It is essential that you create highly targeted content to maximize your results.

You can also use In-tag to generate revenue for your own site by displaying the content of others. The platform automatically inserts links into your text so that they are unobtrusive and only enhance the user experience.

Whether you are using In-tag or the Bing Ads Editor, using the right tools can help you get better results with your marketing strategy so you can meet your goals.