BroadcastFuel is CodeFuel’s complete video advertising solution for any business and an all screens. Whether you’re an international Publisher / Advertiser, DSP, SSP or an independent agency, BroadcastFuel uses the latest video ad technology to maximize the results and user’s engagement across devices and online channels. 

BroadcastFuel Benefits

Advertisers gain access to premium media that is unique and ready-to-use, no matter what device you’re advertising on. BroadcastFuel’s inventory is exclusive, top-quality with full transparency.

BroadcastFuel uses its own latest technology to ensure that ads are seen by the right audience in the right context. Unique fraud protection technology, keeps your campaigns safe and ensures that your video campaigns earn the highest possible engagement.

Advanced tracking capabilities ensure that all of our data is insightful and actionable.

Publishers can take advantage of industry-leading eCPM rates and professional quality services from the industry’s leading monetization company. Unique content, data-driven programs, and advanced tracking matrices maximize yields and revenue potential.

BroadcastFuel’s media house includes a constantly updated network of sources, from Agencies to Trading Desks to Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) to Direct. All customers work with dedicated account managers who make sure that BroadcastFuel – and all CodeFuel platforms – are leveraged for maximum revenue potential.

Automation – The New Advertising Standard

As every advertiser knows, managing and maintaining multiple campaigns across multiple networks quickly becomes a complex headache.

Calculating returns, tracking metrics, and evaluating successes becomes an administrative nightmare – not to mention near-impossible. Without the right automated systems in place, advertisers will quickly lose ground to those marketers who are keeping up with the curve.

Real-time results, auto optimization and other automation services are absolutely vital to gaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Maintaining that edge in the fast-paced world of digital advertising means partnering up with industry leaders who focus on developing and evolving that automation technology.

The CodeFuel suite of monetization solutions, from BroadcastFuel to MobileFuel, enable both advertisers and publishers to take advantage of the latest data-driven automation technology, including real-time results, programmatic advertising and direct relationships.

Video – The Media of Choice

Video advertising is quickly becoming the new standard for online communication. By 2017, almost 75% of internet traffic will be video, which clearly makes video the new go-to advertising format.

There are several reasons why now is the time to invest in video:

  • Video ads offer the best bang for the buck. They generate more click-throughs than any other ad format and produce higher returns.


  • Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising segments. As text ads and sponsored search lose market share, video and dynamic display ads take over.
  • Video is catching up with the mobile-first consumer. Mobile technology is making it possible for advertisers to reach customers across any device.
  • Turnkey ad platforms such as BroadcastFuel allow both publishers and advertisers to keep up with the curve. Real-time results, programmatic, effective tracking, and real bottom-line results are just a few advantages that BroadcastFuel offers clients.

YouTube is one of the earliest, biggest adopters of video advertising, for obvious reasons.

But the above trends are also clearly visible in social media. Every major social network and microblogging platform, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to Tumblr, is adopting some form of native video sharing format.

Video advertising is also making its way into these platforms, and within the next year or two this ad format will most likely become standard.

BroadcastFuel: One-Stop Video Advertising

Today’s advertisers face challenges from a number of directions, from tracking to inefficient targeting. These inaccuracies lead to performance loss and wasted ad spend.

The digital advertising ecosystem is overwhelmingly complex. There is just no way for advertisers or publishers to keep track of all the ad networks, ad exchanges, and other ad sources out there. Any advertiser without access to a turnkey video solution like BroadcastFuel will soon be left behind as video takes over the mobile internet.

In today’s highly competitive, data-driven advertising ecosystem, advertisers and publishers must use the latest technology to get results from their efforts. Ad platforms such as BroadcastFuel incorporate dozens of campaign objectives, audience data points, custom audience segments, and up-to-date market pricing data to inform pricing optimization.

Our infrastructure was designed for scalability and immediacy, and it is capable of processing countless impressions across today’s demanding, omnichannel environment, from mobile to desktop.

BroadcastFuel’s completely consolidated platform allows clients maximum flexibility for creating their own campaigns around their own budgets and objectives.

Clients can easily access a variety of data about inventory availability, audience segments, and more. Detailed, granular reporting enables insight into everything from acquisition to engagement and retention – and how those metrics translate into revenue, cost, and conversion.

Those who use BroadcastFuel will have control over how they sell, who they sell to, and where they sell. They’ll be able to target precisely, control the context, drive results, and learn from their campaigns. 

To learn more about how BroadcastFuel tracks, manages, optimizes, and improves video results across screens, visit BroadcastFuel’s product page.