It’s that time already. Casual Connect USA 2015, one of the most recognized events in the video games industry, is coming to the states. CodeFuel is here to explain why everyone in this industry needs to attend.

What Is Casual Connect?

Casual Connect USA 2015 in San Francisco gathers the best and the brightest in the video game industry for a 3 day in-depth lecture and networking experience. It should fill you in on the latest trends and critical practices of the industry including innovative game design, comprehensive marketing and emerging technology.


The Casual Connect networking motto: ‘We believe in serendipity. We believe forever friends come from experiences you want to record.'

This event is called Casual Connect. Emphasis on the word ‘casual’. They have crafted a world that makes it easy for industry folk to network in the perfect setting. They allow you to simply pick up your badge and start networking.  A wide variety of interactive opportunitues are on offer, from ‘Cheers with Beers’ to an 'official' Casual Connect party (our personal favorite) there’s no excuse to not start meeting new industry friends.  Also one to note is ‘Mobile Mingle’ hosted by AppsFlyer – come find CodeFuel, we’ll be happy to chat all things mobile and monetization.


There’s a reason why Casual Connect is so highly regarded in the industry. The quality of speakers they bring to the table is almost unprecedented and this year will be no different. You will be joining over 300 speakers representing the leaders in the gaming industry including over 100 C-Level speakers from thought leaders.  Michael Eisner is giving the keynote. Michael Eisner! If that wasn’t enough to sway you, there will be experts from the likes of Google, Unity,  Lionsgate,  Facebook,  Venturebeat, Amazon,  Playtika,  and  GrowMobile (we love those guys).  We are certain that after 3 days at this event, you’ll come away armed with the knowledge you need to surge forward. Powerful stuff.

So there you have it, why you need to attend Casual Connect USA 2015. We’ll be there, so grab us for a drink and let's talk monetization and engagement. See you there!