The internet’s a noisy marketplace, so how do you get the word out about your new app, software program, or digital product? With a million advertising options to choose from, it can be hard to find the right distribution and advertising solution that meets your needs. Managing your own marketing and advertising can be an overwhelming task, and it’s not always cost-efficient for smaller or mid-sized developers.

If there are better solutions out there, why waste money on expensive marketing costs and advertising programs? Cutting edge monetization programs such as our line-up of products, offer distribution and advertising solutions. CodeFuel connects its partners with a global network of users, and provides a sustainable, long-term source of income.

How the CodeFuel Monetization Platforms Work

By itself, monetization isn’t enough. You need a few ingredients to make the cake: ours is made up of a global network of users, partners, and our cutting edge monetization tools. We connect our partners – software developers, publishers, and advertisers with our network of users, and offer state-of-the-art advertising solutions.

All of our monetization solutions are fueled by advertising that works seamlessly within your app or program. Feeds such as SearchFuel, DisplayFuel, and MobileFuel all monetize based on what users are already searching for. This means you don’t annoy users with irrelevant ads and detract from the value of your product. This keeps with best practices for app design, web design, and advertising.

Add Value

The first step to creating any product is to solve a problem. If you’re an app developer, you probably already know that. You’ve probably got your problem solved and your users profiled, so you’re already on track with the product’s development.

If you’ve already got your app developed and you’re searching for a way to monetize it, then one of the best ways to do so is by adding value with your monetization platform. Bombarding users with irrelevant information or ads that interfere with the app experience only detracts from the value of your product.

Advertising solutions such as our search feeds actually add revenue solutions and value. Creatively integrating ads and adding value is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your apps stay installed longer and get used more often.

Integrate Ads to Connect More Effectively

On our blog we cover some of the best ways to monetize and market apps, but design can be just as important. Since CodeFuel connects its partners with a global network of users, you can rest assured knowing that we do lots of the work for you.

But just reaching users isn’t enough. You’ve got to design a good product and create a good user experience. Users feel very turned off when they feel like they are being marketed to. The wrong types of advertising – the kind that doesn’t add value – can cheapen the user’s experience.

The overall “user experience” usually refers to the experience that the user has of your company, your products and services, and your brand. An app experience refers to the user’s experience of that app. In both cases, you want to build a product that’s useful and valuable. And your advertising should work with your product.

In other words, add ads that add value. The more seamlessly they blend with your app, the better they’ll
work with your end product.

Here are some ways to integrate ads without detracting value from your product:

Search Feeds– Using search feeds is ideal for certain products that could benefit from an in-app search engine. Search feeds work with the user’s intent by delivering exactly what they’re looking for. This kills two birds with one stone by adding both value and revenue to your product.

Smart Installers– Installation typically bores users by forcing them to click a few buttons and just watch a progress bar. Up the game by presenting relevant ads. This way, you don’t interrupt your users with visually distracting display ads.

Display Relevant Content– Not all display ads are bad. DisplayFuel uses display advertising that actually offers targeted, valuable content. When users don’t feel like they’re being marketed to, and when you’re actually solving a problem, they’ll be more satisfied with your product.

CodeFuel connects its partners with a global network of users, through cutting edge software distribution and monetization platforms. So you don’t have to spend your time, money, and energy finding those users: all you have to worry about is creating a valuable app.

Our products help you integrate ads seamlessly into your software, so you stand a better chance of staying connected with your users.