Okay, so here’s today’s CodeFuel riddle. What do wine cork, salad fork, and white stork all have in common?

They all rhyme with New York, of course. And that’s exactly where we’re planning to be from August 10 to 12, at the Affiliate Summit East 2014 in New York CityNew York

We won’t be alone, of course (after all, no one is ever really alone in New York) because we’ll be joining thousands of other industry members who’ll be attending ASE 2014. All of us are there for the same great reasons. To catch up with old friends, get educated on industry trends, meet new people from around the globe, and have a great time.

The conference has been sold out for days (more than 4,000 people will be attending, at last count) but we got our tickets early and we hope you did too. We’ve got two booths (718 and 720) at the New York Marriott Marquis from August 10 to 12, and are looking forward to seeing people, and being seen.

After several heated matches of rock-paper-scissors here at the CodeFuel offices, about a dozen CodeFuel team members were chosen to attend the summit. It was a tough competition, as you can imagine, as who wouldn’t want to spend a few charmed days in New York City in the summer? The lucky CodeFuel attendees include Orey Gilliam, President of CodeFuel; Naama Hoffman, VP of Advertising; Greg Cohn, Direct of Account Managers; and David Lombardi, Managing Director of our US Offices.

In addition to attending the educational sessions and listening to the keynote speakers (more on that below), we are really looking forward to meeting people. After all, that’s the #1 reason to go to the Affiliate Summit, isn’t it? (Well, #2 if you’re a Yankee fan) So we’re looking forward to meeting up with people we’ve known for years, and for networking to meet new people who may be partners of the future.

If you’ve got an idea and are looking for ways to monetize, we’re pretty sure we can help. Our solutions have been helping people monetize software for more than a decade, and our areas of expertise are growing.

Software developers, for example, who want to monetize their products should definitely set a meeting with our team in order to talk about InstallFuel. It’s our smart installer that makes earning money on your software easy. Just integrate your software into our installer and your installation process will be enriched with handpicked offers targeted to your users’ interests.

Mobile developers need a different type of solution for their monetization challenges, and that’s why we’ve got MobileFuel

Set a meeting with our team to find out which of our cutting edge monetization solutions is right for enhancing your mobile app with revenue opportunities while bringing real value to your users.

You don’t have to be a developer to benefit from our solutions, though. We’ve got many opportunities for publishers and website owners as well. DisplayFuel, for example, is a premium ad network, where advertisers can display and distribute software via a tailor-made inventory. SearchFuel is a handy searchbox that can be integrated into your website or app, enabling you to add value to your user’s experience while increasing your revenue channels.

But why read about our amazing products when you can hear about them in person, and meet face to face with one of our team members. That’s a huge part of the fun at the Affiliate Summit. Less reading – more meeting. So let’s set a date!

Our calendar is filling fast, so don’t wait until the last minute to set up a meeting. And if your calendar is already full, that doesn’t mean we can’t connect anyway. Drop by booths #718 and 720 in the Exhibit Hall on August 11 or 12. And be sure to come by early, to make sure you get your hands on one of our super  CodeFuel giveaways. Our giveaway is still under wraps, but we’ll have plenty on hand come August 10, so don’t miss your chance to pick one up at our booths.

The summit is happening at the New York Marriott Marquis, located in the heart of the Theater district, just a leap away from amazing restaurants, great shows, and of course…Times Square! The keynote speakers, if you haven’t already heard, will be Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado and Julie Gurner. Rich Salgado is a well-known figure in the world of sports business, and his disability insurance business has been covered in major news outlets including the Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated.

Julie Gurner is a doctor of psychology who consults with entrepreneurs and start-up businesses as well as traditional businesses. She has also been featured on many talk shows and news reports, and is gaining fame for her use of neuroscience and psychological principles to help “optimize people and experiences”.

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