CodeFuel tops the industry for software install rates because we treat the installation process like a funnel.


After all, getting that first click is only part of the battle. Many users start an installation but never finish. So how do you get them to complete the download?

Smart Installers Generate Revenue

These days, developers are getting wiser and installers are getting smarter. Using a smart installer gives you several benefits that can help increase your final downloads, as well as conversion rates for your installation funnel.

Here are a few ways that smart installers can work for you:

Smart Installers are Fast

Once upon a time, installers were big, bulky things that would pack all the data and installation files together. Installing a program meant waiting and waiting in front of a boring, half-empty progress bar on an empty dialogue box. People with short attention spans – which is most people – would frequently abandon the process before completion.

Smart installers increase download speed, which increases the number of completed downloads.

Smart Installers are Customizable

Brand-able installers are on the rise, which helps you increase awareness of your company and your corporate identity. You no longer have to settle for a generic installer with a blank dialogue box. You can display your logo front and center, and convey your message to the user when and how you want.

Smart Installers are Funnels

CodeFuel’s InstallFuel offers real-time reporting and analytics. Using metrics to track and monitor user behavior lets you know what to keep and what to change. You can follow your customer’s journey and improve the end user’s experience by treating your installation like a funnel. Tweak, adjust, and enhance your funnel to improve conversion rates and increase completed downloads.

Smart Installers Generate Revenue

Improving the installation funnel increases completed downloads. And when you’re using your smart installer to promote third-party apps and software, you’re also increasing your revenue.  

Getting users to pay for programs is increasingly difficult these days, but offering completely free programs just doesn’t make good business sense for app developers. Smart installers offer one of the best solutions to the monetization problem. You can still provide fully functional software for free, but earn long-term revenue from your product.

These days, using a smart installer is a no-brainer. When you can generate revenue, adjust the installation funnel, and improve the user experience with analytics, why would you consider anything else?

But if you’re looking for other ways to increase completed downloads for your products, there are a few other tactics and techniques that might also boost your downloads and your revenue.


Bundling your software with other apps and software automatically makes it more enticing. When you can get three, four, five, or ten apps in one, why wouldn’t someone want to download it? A software bundle looks more valuable often because it is more valuable. More downloads, of course, means more exposure for you and your brand.

Offer Incentives

Offer incentives with your download. Give access to premium content, a trial subscription, or coupons for partners’ products. The more appealing you make your software, the more likely people are to download it.

It’s All in the Packaging

Think of bottled water. It’s really just tap water, but it’s become one of the largest bottled beverage industries in the United States. A download button that says, “This app is free” denotes less value than a button that says, “Limited time only! Free trial.” Even if you don’t have an incentive, make it seem like you do.

Benefits of Increased Downloads

When you’re using ads to power your smart installer, then more downloads, of course, means more revenue. But more downloads also means more exposure, which, in turn, means a bigger market share. This helps increase your standing in the marketplace, build your reputation, and build your brand equity. 

Benefits of Increased Downloads

Getting in touch with new users, generating leads, and generating interest in your product is a long-term endeavor that can be boosted with the support of advertising platforms and software distribution networks such as CodeFuel.

A loyal customer base is a fundamental asset for your business, and increasing the number of downloads is just one small step in the marketing game.

These days, users don’t want to wait on bulky installers. And we have the technology to stay one step ahead of a user’s short attention span. When you can increase download speeds, increase the number of completed downloads, adjust your installation funnel, customize it to your brand, and generate revenue, it only makes sense to use a smart installer for your software.