Monetization’s a hot topic these days. Anyone who’s built an app or wants to build one needs to know how to earn money from it. We’re swimming in an ocean of free, freemium, ad-powered, and paid apps, which means choosing the right monetization strategy for yours can be overwhelming. Should you handle your own advertising and marketing, hand it over to affiliates, or can you find a one-stop shop to meet all your needs?

When it comes to monetization, you’ll need to solve a few key problems. You’ll need to be able to reach your audience, convert your audience, and generate revenue.

The right monetization platform solves all of these problems and gives you the tools you need to succeed in a saturated marketplace.

Reach and Revenue

Reaching the right people with your software is a distribution problem.

Are you equipped to solve it?

Software distribution can mean a couple things. On the one hand, it can refer to the actual deployment of software. On the other hand, it can refer to the distribution of software to the target audience. This latter definition is one of the cardinal problems that developers face. Getting a product into the hands of the end users is, after all, a marketing and advertising problem.

The right monetization platforms solve the distribution problem. They give you access to their extensive network of partners and users. When you advertise your product, you’ve got immediate reach to a whole network of people.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The right monetization platforms also solve the monetization problem. And they do it the same way they solve the reach problem: through advertising. Only this time, you get to earn money by integrating ads into your app, into your installer, and so forth.

Now, not all monetization platforms operate through advertising. Some use affiliate deals or other forms of third-party payments. In either case, however, you are earning revenue by promoting other companies’ products.

Choose Your Monetization Wisely

All monetization platforms aren’t created equal. Some offer higher payouts than others. Some have better reach. Some offer higher conversions.

And some do all of the above.

CodeFuel’s conversion rates are best in class, CodeFuel’s reach is higher, and CodeFuel’s payouts are better. We have over 260,000 active publishers and a global network of users. We use our worldwide reach to bring together software developers, publishers, advertisers, and users.

We rose to the top of the class by being the best in the world at monetization, and here’s how:

CodeFuel’s Cutting the Edge of the Cutting Edge Advertising

There are some problems with “traditional” online advertising strategies.

For one thing, they don’t work. Banner blindness affects everyone, which means that many people aren’t seeing banner ads any more. Ads that blink, pop, and blast your content in front of users also doesn’t work. What it does do is annoy people.

We provide advertising that is contextual, relevant, and useful. Our search feeds integrate seamlessly into apps, so users don’t feel like they’re being marketed to.

CodeFuel’s Conversion Rates are Best in Class

We know how to be the best: test, test, test. We give our customers access to state-of-the-art analytics and split-testing tools, so that user satisfaction stays high and conversions stay high.

From customizable installers to relevant search feeds, the end user is constantly being given exactly what they need. And the advertising funnel can continually be refined to optimize conversions and improve the user experience.

CodeFuel Designs for Conversion

To us, the funnel is everything. Our analytics are specifically designed to give you an immediate, actionable picture of your funnel. Our reporting is in real-time, so you can respond right now to situations and trends as they occur.

Monetization through Optimization

Monetization and optimization go hand in hand. Your ROI depends on how well you optimize your funnel. That’s why we focus on it, and that’s why we give our customers the latest analytics and testing tools. That’s why CodeFuel’s conversion rates are best in class. And that’s why we’re the best monetization platform on the market.

Our products let you reach your customers and your revenue goals. We bring together the world’s best partners and engage a worldwide network of users to help you monetize your software. Our tools give you the ability to craft and customize advertising funnels and revenue channels that work specifically for your products and your customer base.

When it comes to choosing the right monetization platform, there really is no choice.