At first glance, content discovery and content monetization may seem like two separate ways to increase your revenue stream.

Content discovery refers to a growing practice in the online marketing world of identifying the top stories and other content produced by other creators and sharing it with your own audience. The practice is about sharing, not copying or claiming responsibility.

Content monetization refers to a number of practices to get revenue from your content, such as in-text ads, native advertising, or affiliate marketing.

You can use these two strategies separately or you can use them together so you don’t have to choose between content discovery vs. content monetization.

Content Discovery

The most important thing that content discovery can do for your monetization efforts is to increase your traffic by ensuring that you have a steady stream of content.

If your blog is short on content, your audience doesn’t have a reason to visit your site. If your social media sites are not sharing, users don’t have a reason to visit the page or to engage with it.

By curating content, you encourage people to regularly visit your site and your social media networks. You then have the impressions and the clicks to entice advertisers interested in banner advertising, sponsored posts, and other types of advertising.

CodeFuel’s own solution also helps others to discover your content, ensuring that your best posts are published on the right channels. Our tool helps you to get more traffic to your site and to increase your revenue stream.

Content Monetization

Traditionally, content monetization efforts focus on the content that you create.

Content monetization encompasses a wide range of practices. You can place advertisements in text links, images, and videos. You can put display ads in your sidebar, your header, and your footer. You can include links to affiliate products anywhere on the page, whether in text or in images.

Native advertising has also become more popular in recent years as more and more users are relying on ad blockers to make their online experience more pleasant. You can write sponsored reviews of products, charge people for the opportunity to publish posts on your site, or write articles tailored around affiliate products that you are promoting.

Typically, it is best to diversify your revenue streams to ensure that you reach the most users possible. However, you have to strike the right balance so that you are not inundating your audience with ads and alienating them from using your site.

CodeFuel offers tools to help you maximize your revenue stream by diversifying our advertising strategy. Our tool opens up numerous opportunities for advertising on your site, including the increasingly popular search advertising. You can make more daily revenue with little effort since our tool does all the work in finding the right opportunities for you.

Utilizing Both Strategies

You can incorporate both content discovery and content monetization to maximize your revenue possibilities.

You can’t monetize curated content in many of the same ways that you can monetize your own, such as inserting text ads or affiliate links. However, you can still take advantage of the content on your site to enhance your advertising efforts.

For example, sharing curated content on your social media channels will position you as a reliable source of valuable information, which will grow your follower base. You will also get more engagements, such as likes and shares, which will make your social media channels much more popular for advertisers. You can charge for sponsored posts, or you can get more clicks for your affiliate links.

On your blog, you can share links to curated content. In doing so, you will be regularly adding new content to your site, which will help to increase your page rank. That will help you get more traffic and make your site more valuable to your advertisers, helping you to sell more of all types of ads.

You may not be able to put the full text of an article on your site or put text ads on the content, but you can put more display ads on your site and you can direct people to your own content, which can include whatever type of advertising you want.

By combining a content monetization strategy with content discovery, you can take full advantage of all your revenue opportunities. The two-pronged strategy will help you get more traffic, grow your social media followers, increase your page rank, and improve your customer engagement — all of which will help you to increase your advertising revenue.

CodeFuel offers a suite of tools that will help you to meet your goals, and other tools are available to help you in these strategies, as well. Use them all together to meet your goals in the shortest period of time.