Content marketing is always evolving, so do you have an appropriate content marketing strategy for 2016?

As soon as you think that you have a winning strategy figured out, Google goes and changes its algorithm again. Or a type of post that was once a sure bet to go viral is now openly mocked for its “click baiting” or lack of originality.

Moods shift quickly. Trends pop up over night, and then they pass just as quickly. Google is a fickle master who makes it harder and harder for you to win its favor.

The only thing that you can do is to stay on top of the latest changes in online marketing so that you can tweak your campaigns as needed to continue to reach your target audience.

But that’s not always as easily done as said.

It’s important that you stay ahead of the game as much as possible. Here are a few predictions for content marketing strategy for 2016 that will help you start planning changes to your content marketing strategy now:

Newsjacking Will be Mainstream

Newsjacking is the practice of re-telling the news and inserting your own opinions or information alongside it.

For example, a law office can share stories about local car accidents and then talk about how a lawyer can help those in similar situations recover compensation. An insurance company can share stories about changes in the Affordable Care Act and then talk about how those changes affect its target audience.

Newsjacking serves a number of purposes. You get fresh content without having to come up with new ideas, and you keep your customers and the search engines happy.

Newsjacking was once a niche idea, but it has steadily picked up steam as more content marketers have discovered its benefits. Expect it to be a mainstream content marketing strategy in the coming year.

There Will be Greater Focus on the Target Market

Companies often lose their focus as they try to capture a bigger market by trying to become everything to everyone.

But what that actually does is create weaker content that has less of an impact on everyone.

In the coming year, content will become much more focused on the niche audience that the company is trying to reach. Companies will tighten up their content strategy so that it gets better results and helps them save time and resources.

Content will be much more customer-focused, rather than focused on what the vendor wants to sell.

Interactive Content Will be More Popular

Podcasting, apps, and other interactive content will grow in popularity in 2016.

This content gives users a unique experience that written content does not. Users can be more engaged with this content because they use more senses to process it.

Interactive content can also be accessed in a variety of ways. For example, users can listen to podcasts when they are driving and are unable to read. They can scroll through memes quickly on social media. They can interact with an app while they are waiting in their doctor’s office. The more types of content you have, the more chances you create to connect with your audience.

Companies Will Focus on Creating their Best Content

Quality will become much more important than quantity in 2016.

Instead of worrying about creating a stream of fresh content, companies will focus more on creating only their best content and then distributing it to their most important channels.

Companies understand that customers are reaching a point of digital burnout. Everyone is on their smart phones, tablets or computers most of their day, and the majority of companies have an online presence. There is so much digital noise that it’s hard to stand out.

Companies will be trying to stand out by focusing their message and creating only the very highest quality content that they can.

Companies Will Create Content to Leverage for Ads

In 2016, content will not be created just to draw customers into their website. Content will be created specifically for the purpose of creating display ads and ads for retargeting.

Content topics will be chosen in mind for both the website and the ads. The content will then be rewritten for the different formats.

Companies will also share more of that content on social networks, but not just as a link. That content will be shared as Facebook notes, status updates on LinkedIn, photos on Instagram, and much more.

Overall, companies will focus more in 2016 on not just how to reach customers, but how to resonate with them. They will be looking to create content that has a “vision” — content that makes a big impact on customers so that they are more engaged with the brand and moved to act.

Of course, these are all just predictions, and the winds of change can move quickly. Yet, based on current patterns, we believe that these are the big trends we will see in the coming year.

Marketing Content Marketing Strategy for 2016