Your content monetization strategy for 2016 shouldn’t be the same as it was in 2015. Just as your overall content creation and digital marketing strategy shouldn’t be the same.

Online user experiences are always changing. What was once popular becomes passé. New sites are introduced that change the way users prefer to interact with content and with brands. Innovative advertising ideas are introduced that help brands make more of an impact.

You have to keep up with these changes if you want your brand to stay relevant.

Here’s what will be important for your content monetization strategy in 2016:

User Experience

Whether you are monetizing your own content or investing in content ads for your brand, you need to keep the end user experience top of mind.

Ads that are intrusive and annoying will only repel users. In fact, the use of ad-blocking software is on the rise for that very reason. Users are so bothered by ads that they are now relying on technology to shield them.

Native advertising will be more important, including sponsored posts and videos. You can sell these opportunities for your own blog, or you can invest in them to promote your brand.

Video Ads

Videos can be the ads themselves, or ads can appear in the videos.

Video has become significantly more important over the last couple of years, and it will continue to gain prominence. If you don’t already have videos on your site, you need to create them.

You should also consider creating a channel on YouTube to not only promote your brand, but also to open up more content monetization opportunities. Many people make a living exclusively creating YouTube videos and monetizing them. You can open up a significant revenue stream for your brand if you create the right videos and market them correctly.

Site Search

Don’t make users leave your site to search Google.

Add a search bar to your site to improve the user experience and to open up monetization opportunities. Every time a user searches with the bar on your site, you can make money.

Just make sure you place the search bar appropriately. It should be in a place that is easy for users to see, but it should not be obtrusive to the user experience.

Sell Your Content

The best way to monetize your content is to sell it, and you have several opportunities for doing so.

Some blogs and brands are finding success by making their content available through subscription only. Some of the content may be offered for free, but the premium content is kept behind a pay wall.

A subscription service is no different than what newspapers offer for their content. If you are creating truly quality content, you have a valuable commodity that your customers will want to buy.

You can also use your content to create e-books or videos that you sell.

Don’t overlook your images as a source of content to monetize! You can sell prints of your Instagram photos, calendars of your blog or social media photos, posters, and more. You can even sell these in digital form.

Personalized Content

You can create personalized content to sell also.

In addition to the informative posts and videos you already have on your site, you can sell one-on-one coaching services or online courses for a limited number of people. This content would provide a deeper look at the concepts and help people through them individually.

Consider selling this personalized content as an added value alongside your current content.

Know Your Audience

No matter what you do online, you have to know your audience well to be successful.

How can you expect to successfully monetize your content if you don’t understand what motivates your target audience? Or the target audience of the customers who want to advertise on your site?

You need to look through your analytics thoroughly and often to glean whatever insights you can about your site users. You can use that information to design monetization opportunities for your own brand or for those who wish to advertise on the site.

Mobile Optimization

Finally, you must make sure that any monetization strategies you use are optimized for mobile users.

Ads that don’t show up in mobile or that take over the screen on smart devices won’t be effective. You won’t capture users, and you’ll lose advertisers.

You should also make sure that your overall site is optimized for mobile so that you get the most traffic possible and have more leverage with potential advertisers.

Let 2016 be the year that you overwhelmingly bypass your revenue goals. Make sure you are choosing the right content monetization strategies, and work with CodeFuel to earn as much as you can from all realms of your content. You’ll get the solutions you need to start meeting your goals.

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