Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get more brand exposure and sales, but as soon as you have a content marketing strategy that works, you have to create a new one.

New channels are introduced. People change the way they access content. Types of content that were once popular are not anymore. Google changes its algorithm.

You need to reevaluate all parts of your marketing strategy each year to make sure you are still getting the results you need.

Here’s what you need to change for your content strategy for 2016:

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Traditionally, marketers have focused on one or two keywords, such as “diet” or lose weight.”

However, marketers are now realizing that they can get more traffic and minimize their competition by using long-tail keywords with multiple words in the phrase. Examples include “how to lose weight fast” or “does the Paleo diet work?”

These keywords are what users are more likely to search for, and they provide more information about a problem that your users are having. Not only do these keywords help you get better results from your content marketing, but they can also give you ideas for your content.

Write Longer Content

Gone are the days of 500-word blog posts. If you are really providing value to your readers, you will need to write longer posts that explore an issue in depth.

That means writing posts that are least twice the standard length and that include numerous examples, statistics, authority links, and more.

The only exception to this emerging rule is for entertaining posts, which can be quite engaging to your audience. Create a mix of content types, but make sure that the majority of what you are offering is longer, in-depth content.

Include More Videos and Pictures

Not everyone has the time or inclination to read an in-depth article whenever they visit your site. Some people only have a minute or two to watch a quick video or laugh at a funny picture.

Unlike with your written content, you will want to keep your videos shorter. Make them no longer than a minute or two. If people see a video that’s five minutes or longer, most won’t even start watching it.

Add plenty of photos to your content, as well as publishing photos on their own. Make the photos funny (like memes), unusual, or inspiring.

Design Interactive Content

Buzz Feed offers a master class in content marketing. One of the new trends that they incorporate especially well is interactive content.

Interactive content includes quizzes like “Which Downton Abbey Character are You?” or “We Bet We Can Guess Your Age with These Five Questions.” You see this content shared all the time on social media, and people just can’t resist clicking.

How can you include more interactive content on your site? Other examples include clickable maps and graphs, surveys, and games.

Create Mobile Content

There will soon be more people using their phones and tablets to access content than there will be people using desktop or laptop computers.

You not only need to make sure that your content is showing up in a way that is easy to read and access on these smaller screens, but you also need to create content for these users.

Mobile users are typically reading on the go. That means that they don’t have a lot of time to spend with your content. Write catchy headlines and articles that include bulleted lists, bolded words, and simple sentences. Get straight to the point, and answer a question or problem that your readers have.

More Native Advertising

Advertising is another key way to make money from your content, but the rise of ad blockers has made that more difficult.

Native advertising has become more popular as marketers have looked for ways to bypass ad blockers.

Native advertising includes sponsored posts, paid reviews, and other posts that look like any other content but that has some payment attached to it. Just make sure that you are maintaining the quality of the content on your site so that you do not alienate readers.

More Automation

Employing a successful content marketing strategy is a lot of work. Using automation tools makes it easier and saves you money.

Automation tools also help you get better results for your content marketing strategy. CodeFuel helps get more engagement for your content by automatically distributing it on the right channels and in the right formats (such as for mobile users). You get more reach, which helps you get more traffic and make more money from your content.

CodeFuel also helps you to improve your advertising strategy, whether that means placement for your own ads or placement of other’s ads on your site.

CodeFuel has consistently been recognized as one of the top content marketing tools, and it can help you improve your results.

Employ these content marketing tips for your 2016 strategy, and you will soon get the results you need to meet your goals.