It’s too easy to think that design begins and ends with the studio. In reality it touches all elements and plays a part in everything. Good UX designers go from design to product and beyond.

All About The Look?

The aesthetic components of a website or product are essential, but you could have the most stunning looking platform in your market, but if your target audience cannot learn quickly how to navigate, they will sharply leave it behind in a cloud of dust.
The importance of UX can be seen across all digital resources, but when dealing with website and product applications, its importance becomes significantly increased.

For intricate websites, UI and UX design is vital as the end user needs to be able to learn how to navigate quickly and easy- if they don’t master this then you can lose them as clients- everyone’s hard work gets wasted. At CodeFuel all platforms get tested both internally and externally via various focus groups, then come back to design based on feedback. Everything is very carefully designed in line with the end user, what he (or she) is looking for and what will give him (or her!) the results they want and need.

Always Think About The End User

When designing UX and UI, it is crucial to consider how you want the end user to feel when they interact with specific areas of your product/ app/ website. You need to connect that to the brand messaging – then you can start a successful design process.

Going Mobile

You need to switched on to, and constantly thinking across all platforms and all devices. Design sweeps across these landscapes. A significant amount of time needs to be dedicated to mobile design and it has never played a stronger role than today – its importance will only continue to grow. Making a website or app mobile friendly is imperative to the success of