2017 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for digital marketing.

This year is poised to introduced new technology and to help nascent technology become more important. And just as in every year, popular tastes will change, and the culture will influence how people interact online and what is important to them.

All of this and more will change the way that marketers reach their audiences.

Here’s what you need to know about the digital marketing trends for 2017 that we expect to see:

More Video Ads

Video will continue to be a big deal for all marketing efforts, but it will be especially important for advertising.

Video attracts more attention, and it engages more users. People are much more like to take note of the ad, to click on it, and to watch it all the way through. They are even more likely to do that if the video is interesting and relevant.

We’re already seeing video ads on websites with as high a profile as CNN and Forbes, and we’ll soon see them in PPC ads in search results.

Mobile Marketing

The desktop user will eventually be as rare as exotic, near-extinct species that can only be found on tropical islands. Already, there are more mobile users in search than there are desktop users.

In 2017, marketers will put even more emphasis on reaching those mobile users.

There will be more mobile advertising, more content designed for mobile pages (such as for Google AMP), more social media content for mobile users, more mobile video, and more emphasis on ranking for SEO in mobile.

You should have already implemented your mobile-only website, and you should be thinking now about how to update your marketing strategies for mobile users.

User Intent Ads

Ad options are becoming more targeted with the proliferation of data that’s available, but user intent advertising looks beyond a basic checklist to get at what users really want and need.

Tools like In-feed from CodeFuel use a combination of user intent and site signals to assess interests in order to finely target ads so they are specific for that user.

By delivering these tailored ads, solutions like In-Feed get more results for both advertisers and publishers.

Higher-Quality Content

Content marketing will likely always be an important way to reach audiences, but that means that it will also likely always be a crowded field.

If you want to stand out with your content marketing, you are going to have to create higher-quality content in 2017.

Expect to see the most effective content become longer, more in-depth and more authoritative. That will include articles that have extensive references, citations, statistics, charts, and other evidence to back up their claims. It will include resource-rich guides, authoritative informational articles, white papers, eBooks and more.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your content. You just have to put more value into every piece you are creating. Write more. Write from all angles.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality made a big splash in 2016 with Pokemon Go and Snapchat, among others. Expect to see it grow in popularity in 2017 and be introduced to new channels.

Marketers seized the opportunity that the Pokemon Go craze presented, finding ways to include their businesses as stops in the game or purchasing lures and other incentives to attract players to their locations. They also offered special discounts to players.

Use the lessons that Pokemon Go offered and look for ways to apply them to other augmented reality games, tools, and sites in the coming year.

The Internet of Things

Everything is coming online now, and more of our personal devices are connecting to each other to make all our data easily accessible to ourselves and to advertisers.

As we move more toward this “Internet of Things” in 2017, brands need to be looking for ways to advertise and market on everything from virtual reality headsets to personal digital home devices, like Google Home.

Brands will have to rethink the way they market. They will have to come up with new ads, new ways of promoting their products and services, and new ways of connecting with audiences.

Now is the time to explore as many of these new outlets as possible.

2017 will be a big year with a lot of changes. It is going to be an exciting time, and brands should seize the opportunity to connect with their audiences in ways they never could in the past.