Creating an ad strategy that gets results is a constant challenge. At times, you may feel like you need a crystal ball to know exactly what your users want and when they want it.

But you don’t need a crystal ball. You just need the right technology on your side.

As technology advances, you have more and more options to learn about your audience and to make the right decisions about what ads they need to see. Though the technology is not magical, it can feel like you do have a crystal ball.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is technology that selects the right ads based on tests of extensive data. The programming quickly interprets all the data available to it about a user to determine the right ad, including what the ad says and how it says it.

Using DCO can help you save money and get results faster. Here’s how:

Cut A/B Testing

DCO performs multivariate testing to determine what ads to show individual users.

It collects the information, performs the testing, and makes the recommendation faster than Superman can leap tall buildings.

What DCO is doing when it conducts these tests is the same thing you would be doing if you were performing A/B testing. However, your own A/B testing would have to assess hundreds of variables and would take months or even years to complete (not to mention the many thousands of dollars) to get the same results that DCO technology can get before you can pop a mint.

Using programming that includes DCO technology will help you save enormous resources, both in terms of time and money. You’ll get the actionable insights you need without having to make the tremendous investment, and you’ll free up your resources to focus on developing other parts of your marketing strategy or your business.

Gain Smarter Insights

When you try to determine your own ad placement, there is a lot of room for error based on human limitations.

You may have performed the testing, conducted the analysis, and come up with a great strategy that you feel is bound to succeed. But you may have forgotten some tiny detail that will end up having a big impact. Or you may implement the right choice just as some other detail changes, thereby requiring another strategy.

There are too many things that you can overlook and the data is changing so fast that you just can’t keep up with it all. By using the right technology, you can get smarter insights that take into account all the available data and that make the right recommendations in split-second time.

No matter how much we might believe in our human superiority, none of us are as smart as certain machine technology. Using the right program will always net you better results in less time.

Choosing the Right Program

There are a few programs on the market that include DCO and predictive technology to help you optimize ad placement, but CodeFuel’s own In-feed is one of the best.

In-feed has a user-intent-based algorithm that analyzes what users are doing when they are online, from the browsers they are using to access the Internet to the ads and content they click on and how long they spend on them. Through this analysis, In-feed is able to have a better understanding of what these users are really looking for when they are online. It can then turn that understanding into actionable insights for ad placement.

In-feed uses DCO technology to determine the right types of ads to show users, as well. The program focuses exclusively on native ads since they have a better chance of reaching users. However, there are many different types of native ads, from paid reviews to sponsored posts. The DCO technology helps the program determine which of these native ads types will perform best with the particular user.

Effective advertising seems to be a magical blend of the right ad (content, format, images, and more) in the right location at the right time in front of the right person. Even the smallest detail can throw off the combination and determining the right ad for success. With In-feed, you can get the right intelligence to ensure the right choice is always being made on your behalf.

You get results much faster with In-feed, which means that you’ll start seeing your sales, leads and traffic all increase. You’ll get more brand exposure, and your bottom line will start looking a lot healthier.

Think of In-feed like putting your advertising strategy on steroids – you’re doing the same work and spending the same money, but you’re suddenly seeing immense gains.

People are using technology to improve their own online experience, such as by blocking ads or getting more from individual pages. It’s time you use technology to improve the performance you get from your online marketing.