Why are we bombarded with so much garbage when we step into the online world? The amount of irrelevant ads is overwhelming. Ad blocking has been introduced to clean house, but doesn’t work well for the online ecosystem- there must be other options. CodeFuel is keeping the internet relevant, clean and free one ad at a time as they step into the world of Content Publishing with four top tips:

1. Keep Things Smart

You want ads to perform? You want to generate revenue from them? Then be smart and make them match! CodeFuel have created a number of solutions, focusing on adsmart tech which keeps users on site for longer using algorithms to match intent with the right content. It allows the content publisher to earn and also creates a powerful space for advertisers to deliver targeted ads using multiple formats.  The secret? Creating intent based intelligent ads designed with the end user in mind.

“The online world has so much potential for delivering incredible content to the end user. It’s essential to keep this information free, clean and valuable. We are creating a balance between engagement and monetization.” Assaf Dar, CTO, CodeFuel

2. Get Backed By Search

Localized search results can prove massively profitable. But it is essential that they are backed by strong engines. CodeFuel work with Bing and Yahoo to provide the right ingredients for delivering results. Together they integrate premium search results featuring custom APIs to showcase domain specific content and sponsored results. The power of search is not to be ignored when talking monetization and engagement.

Start engaging your audiences and earning from your content. Get in touch with CodeFuel for powerful results.


3. Know Your Campaigns

If you’re going to place sponsored content within your site or wherever, it’s always good to see just how this content is performing. You need a service with a solid back-end that can wrap your campaigns with real time analytics. The CodeFuel suite comes fully loaded with the HUB- an exclusive area for publishers to get real time results and analyze reports to improve and optimize performance so publishers can earn as much as possible.

4. Keep Mobile In Mind

It’s no use integrating something with no mobile functionality. Mobile accounts for a hefty slice of all online goings on, so it is imperative to deliver content that caters to it. CodeFuel have crafted solutions with a strong focus on mobile usage with no compromise on user experience and no sacrifice when scaling down.

“We see mobile as a concept rather than a device. Users love being connected from anywhere at any time through a tablet, mobile phone, or smartwatch. These devices give them access and control with content providers-  and of course a fun getaway when needed. CodeFuel exists to make that experience as engaging and profitable as possible.” Assaf Dar, CTO, CodeFuel.

The challenge for content publishers today is that ads are becoming less effective – we are in an online world where ads are needed to keep the internet free but also one that is slowly struggling with the very real problem of banner blindness. CodeFuel is offering a way forward by providing a new targeted ad unit that adds incremental revenue and delivers high impact ads and strong CPM.

Did you know that Huffpost listed CodeFuel as one of the five best marketing tools for 2016? Read the article here. Also we’re trusted by Inc.comread more about how you can use CodeFuel to combat Ad blocking here.

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