Content publishers are looking for the perfect balance between how their users engage with their site, and how much revenue they can earn from these visitors through ads and sponsored content. This balance between engagement and monetization can be extremely delicate, and it is essential to note that when done right, publishers can have the strongest chances possible to engage and to earn.

Engagement & Revenue

As mentioned above, content publishers are looking for two things- improving engagement with their users, and earning revenue from this engagement on their site pages. It is therefore essential that they have just the right tool in place that can offer both. There has to be a balance, you cannot ignore either one, and too much attention on one can tip the scales in the wrong direction.

CodeFuel delivers a solution which caters to this balance. It recognizes that publishers need to make money from various ad formats and sponsored content but can’t distract the user with irrelevant material that can lead away from the site, or even worse, lead to ad blocking. CodeFuel integrates ads and content that not only match the look and feel of the host site, but uses algorithms to make sure that the ads displayed compliment the content on the page, therefore creating a better UX- it even offers a back end system to track performance and behavior of these tailored ad units – also known as the HUB.

Tracking With Hub

The HUB is a platform that helps content publishers understand user engagement, how the user interacts with the content of the website and how to improve the value of their visit. It exists to be the analytics partner to the CodeFuel solutions, offering real time access to data analysis and giving a full understanding of how to optimize user value & engagement.

The Future Of Online Engagement

CodeFuel not only creates the balance between engagement and monetization, but it also has an incredible way of tracking and editing performance in order to yield the very best results possible. Through tracking with the HUB, content publishers can understand their user data and give themselves a better online position than ever before.