The COVID-19 pandemic had people around the world consuming more media than ever. According to a global survey published by Statista, 67% of respondents worldwide admitted following the news more than before. People want to keep on top of the latest developments and as a result, media consumption, including reading newspapers and magazines, is on the rise.

But even without having a pandemic around, people consume news for a variety of reasons. They want to understand the conflicting information they are constantly bombarded with, they want information put into context, and they want to know if current events may have implications on their lives. 

Digital publishers can answer this demand by providing visitors with quality news right on their website or extension. Read on for a primer on how to leverage the power of premium news without the hassle and expense of having to set the service up from scratch.

Where Do People Get Their News Nowadays?

News sources transformed with the times. Printed newspapers and magazines gave way to laptops, mobile phones, and smart devices. New devices and more connectivity shifted the user’s preference to online sources. In the United States, as much as 81% of people look online for news.

Users get their news nowadays through secondary sources that take visitors to primary news sources. Examples of secondary sources include:

Search engines

They are the first place a user goes when looking for news, so search engines are critical in sourcing news content. A good news section on a search results page (SERP) should include news articles grouped according to topic, showing the latest on the top, instead of relying on SEO. 

Social media

Most internet users see the breaking stories on their social media feed. The convenience of finding the news in one place increases the user’s engagement for the social media channel.

Websites and Browser extensions newsfeeds

Users prefer convenience, and having the news right there on their favorite website or browser extension is a plus. They are more likely to go back to these pages and consume more content and services while they are there. This is why more companies offer curated news on their sites to increase their reach and engage their audience.

Why Users Prefer Premium News Sources?

When you search for news, the first question you ask is: may I trust this source?. Once you are reading, the content’s quality engages you or drives you away from the site. The key factors making a reader choose a news source are:

Reliable sources – Readers prefer news from premium and reputable sources. Despite the appearance of an array of digital news sources, traditional newspapers (albeit online) are the most trusted news sources. An excellent reputation attracts the reader to the site.

Quality content – This is the key to user engagement. A reader may find a site only to leave it a few seconds later because of the poor quality of the content. Users look for quality content on topics they care about, even if they have to pay for it. In the age of free content, readers will pay to subscribe to top publications, such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Top Benefits of Having Premium News Sources in your Website or Extension

Content is King. We have seen this phrase over and over. Low-quality content makes visitors flee, page ranking sink, and ultimately hurt your business. Here are some benefits of adding premium news content on your website:

Rank Higher on Search Engines

Two of the factors Google uses to rank websites in its SERPs are relevance and quality. The algorithm identifies how well the page answers the query; this makes the page more or less relevant for Google. It then uses quality to arrange the best results at the top.

What is quality for Search Engines?

Quality evaluators rate organic results according to set standards and guidelines. The features that make a site rise or sink differ according to the website. Legal, financial, e-commerce, and health sites have the strictest standards. That means that if your website sells online, you are judged more strictly on the quality of your content.

Factors such as expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the website also determine the site’s quality. If you have quality content from reputable sources, such as top news publications, your page ranking will rise.

Improve Your User Experience

Your visitors want to find the answer to their search on your site as quickly as possible. For that, your content needs to apply to what the visitors are looking for. Fresh and original content will help visitors in their customer journey, providing excellent user experience. And happy visitors turn into happy customers.

Increasing Dwell Time

Dwell time measures how long a visitor spends on a website before returning to the Search Results Page (SERP). The length of the time spent on the page can show if the visitor consumed the content on it. Search engines reward sites that show longer dwell times with higher ranks in the SERPs, since it shows the content is relevant to the users.

Engage Visitors by Adding NewsFuel to Your Website

At CodeFuel, we offer publishers and extension developers all the benefits of adding a premium service to their site/pages, without the associated high cost and the hassle. How are we able to do so? Our NewsFuel service is based on our partnership with MSN, offering news from global renown premium brands from over 140 countries. Curated content is available in various topics, and readers can filter the news feed by favorite topics. The best part is that you can monetize the service and that you don’t need to build the service from scratch, saving you both the technical resources otherwise required and the content rights negotiations involved.   

Start today! Give your visitors an excuse to spend time on your website by giving them fresh premium news on the topics they care for. Got questions about our NewsFuel service? Drop us a line.