It’s important that you take the time periodically to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy to ensure that it is designed to still meet your needs as the landscape changes.

In the past year, the digital landscape has changed significantly, and that will change what businesses need to do to reach their potential customers.

Here’s what you need to know about digital in 2016:

Internet Users

Not surprisingly, a large part of the population around the world is now using the Internet.

There are currently 7.395 billion people in the world, and there are 3.419 billion Internet users. That’s 10 percent more users than there were at this time last year.

While you might expect that most of those users are in Westernized countries in Europe and North America, the most users are actually in East Asia, which includes countries like South Korea and Japan.

The second largest concentration of Internet users is in South Asia, followed by Africa and West Europe. North America comes in fifth, followed by East Europe.

The fewest number of Internet users are in Australia and Central Asia.

What this tells you is that you need to focus more of your efforts on your Internet marketing, and that you need to think about ways to reach customers in these regions. You can create content that appeals to countries in these places, and you can create ads that are specifically designed for that audience. That might mean writing in another language, or it might mean using different emotional appeals.

Perform focus research and A/B testing to find the best strategies for these different regions.

Social Media Users

A large portion of the world’s population is also on social media.

Recent research shows that there are 2.307 active social media users, which is 31 percent of the total population. There has been a 10 percent growth in social media users over the last year.

A huge number of people are using social media to connect with friends and family and to get information.

While social media may not always result in direct sales, it is very important for increasing brand exposure and nurturing leads. It is important that brands embrace not only the traditional social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but also emerging channels like Snap Chat and Tinder.

Mobile Users

Mobile use will soon outpace desktop use for accessing digital content.

There are 3.70 billion mobile users, which is 4 percent more than there were last year.

Having a responsive website design and a mobile marketing strategy is no longer an option. It is a necessity if you want to reach more of your audience.

It’s also important to note that many mobile users are accessing social media through these devices. There are now 1.968 billion active mobile social media users, which is a whopping 17 percent more than there were last year. Out of the total population, 27 percent are active mobile social media users.

Those numbers are too significant to overlook. Not only do you need a mobile strategy, but you specifically need to develop a strategy for reaching mobile users of social media, including specific changes for both ads and content.

Looking to the Future

Overall, there are going to be more people using the Internet, more people using social media, and significantly more people using mobile devices to access both.

In particular, there has been enormous growth in users across the board in Africa and an explosion in growth of mobile social users in the Middle East. There has been moderate growth across the board in Asia.

Numbers in North America and Europe have remained relatively stable, though there has been some growth.

If you sell products or digital services, it is important that you expand your marketing strategy to include these growing markets. Otherwise, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your brand and drive your sales.

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You also need to explore all opportunities you have for digital marketing, including blogs, social media, authority links, advertising, email marketing, videos, and more. The more of these opportunities you explore, the more reach you will have and the more customers you will get.

Make sure that your site has a top-notch design and high-quality content, and make sure that it’s designed for mobile devices, as well. Use the right content management system to add the right features to your content and employ the right SEO.

The digital landscape may continue to change, but the right tools will help you adapt to those changes with ease. CodeFuel will be there to help you reach your goals and increase your revenue from ads and sales alike.