Native ads are relatively new on the scene, and brands have been slow to adopt them. Just a few years ago, they accounted for less than a quarter of ads bought or sold, while standard banner ads were being purchased by nearly 90 percent of advertisers.

Yet native ads offer advertisers the solutions they need to navigate the new digital landscape and to reach more of their target audience.

Native ads blend seamlessly with the website environment on which they are published, ensuring that they do not alienate users or detract from their experience. Native ads also provide more engaging content than display ads, which invites readers in and makes them more interested and invested in what the content has to say.

Programmatic native ads have now come onto the scene, giving brands a powerful option for automating their campaigns.

In-Feed is a powerful new native ad solution from CodeFuel; ads placed by In-Feed are poised to dominate the market very soon. Here’s why:

Advanced Predictive Technology

The most successful ads are those that target users accurately. They present information and products that users want, thereby bringing value to their audience.

Programmatic native ads are placed according to the fast analysis of loads of user data, such as what websites people are visiting, what devices they are using to access content, their location, their language, and so on. In-Feed’s advanced algorithm quickly turns the data into actionable insights, creating the closest thing to 1-to-1 ad personalization as possible.

The predictive technology in In-Feed learns audience behavior over time so that it can recommend ads without having to run the analysis each time. That results in faster and more intuitive ad placement, which increases the likely success of the ads.

Between the comprehensive analysis and the learning behavior, the technology acts almost like a crystal ball for deciding the right ads to show audiences.

Improved Conversion Rates

Getting the right ads in front of the right audience is most of the battle. The rest is creating great content that engages and convinces users.

In-Feed takes care of the first part.

When the people who are most interested in what you have to offer to see your ads, you get a lot more sales and conversions out of those ads. More people stop to actually read the ads, and more people click through on the website link or call to action. More people end up buying, and more people end up providing their information to become a lead.

In-Feed’s programmatic native ads get dramatically better conversion rates than the average display ad. If you write a great ad, you improve the results you can get even more.

More Visibility

In-Feed has an extensive network of publishers, and it provides support for all devices and all browsers. It has achieved the largest scale and structure of any other solution on the market.

Advertisers on In-Feed get more visibility for their brand, ensuring that they create more top-of-mind awareness even when they are not actively generating clicks and sales.

In-Feed is one of the few native advertising solutions that target mobile devices, even though mobile has proven to be the market of the future. Mobile users have already outpaced desktop users for search, and the number of users is growing every day.

The increased visibility ensures that brands meet their audiences everywhere they will be and that they attract new audience members for long-term brand success.

Evasion of Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are enemy number one right now for advertisers, and native ads have found a way to beat them.

Right now, millions of people have an ad blocker installed on either their desktop computer or mobile device, and often both. Those ad-blocking programs are costing advertisers billions of dollars every year.

More people are poised to download this software, which means that those loss numbers are expected to rise. The problem isn’t going anywhere.

In-Feed’s programmatic native ads evade detection by ad blockers, ensuring that advertisers aren’t just throwing their money down the drain. The ads have a fighting chance by actually being seen.

Native ads on their own don’t tend to trip ad blockers because they are designed to fit right in with the rest of the content on the page. Many native ads take the format of a blog or article, as well.

In-Feed’s native ads are even less likely to set off ad blocking alarms because they are positioned with the user in mind. They are located in the right place at the right time, and the content is primed to appeal to the person looking at it.

In-Feed can help advertisers of all kinds to increase their visibility and their sales. The program is run by the technology of the future, and it gives results that will last. It is primed to dominate the market, and now is the time to add it to your advertising arsenal.