As marketers, we’re always looking to better performance of campaigns, both internal and external. We all want to better target our messaging and strengthen click through rates. We have a natural fallback of trying to boost graphics, content and placement, but I don’t think we’re rolling back nearly enough to get to the core of what has the potential to make our projects more successful.

Drilling Down

Are we drilling down our target audiences? Should mapping out target audiences begin with identifying exactly where they fall in the campaign funnel? We need to think of target audiences in  terms of acquisition, conversion and audience retention. Audiences are strongly connected to the emotion of a brand, it’s essential we view the entire user journey without just focusing on a one-time purchase.  We as marketers need to focus on all elements of the journey, including seeing users as returning customers.

A Case in Point

For example, I suspect a company like Nike would not successfully entice returning clients with an offer to ‘get 20% off a second pair of sneakers’.  They’d surely have more success with an offer that connects the user emotionally to the brand, bringing them into the Nike world, making them a real brand user. Once connected, these users can perhaps be more easily and more continually be converted.

This would work well for a brand like Nike- but would it work for everyone? The key with any campaign is understanding your target audience and it core messaging. The CodeFuel technology uses AI algorithms to correctly understand your audience, delivering the right messages at the right time for the right impact.

CodeFuel takes a bold step forward in solving many pain points that both publishers and advertisers face on a daily basis. They deliver high impact visuals and content in multi format placements in exciting and intuitive ways. Their power tech uses algorithms that understands the user and how to deliver ads to them yielding incredible results.