Content marketing has long been an important part of digital outreach.

With the drive to create a steady stream of content to stay at the top-of-mind for customers, as well as to show that you have a fresh and relevant site for Google, it can be hard to come up with new ideas to help you stand out. You start to create the same, tired blog posts and articles that you see everywhere else.

You need to come up with some unique and interesting ideas to continue to make the impact that you want Here are some fresh content ideas for 2017 to get you started:

Data Report

Whenever a company or organization comes out with a new data report about the state of the industry or trends that customers follow, it always gets a ton of traffic, and usually dozens of people write articles about the report or cite it in other articles.

With a simple data report, you can get a lot of traffic and potentially hundreds of referral links, and you’ll establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

You don’t need to hire a firm or spend thousands of dollars to collect the data for your report. You only need to post a poll or survey on your site and social media, as well as send it out to your subscriber list. The bigger the following you have, the better your sample will be.

If you have a small sample, you need to make note of it so others know how to interpret your results.


While you’re creating surveys and polls, why not create quizzes, too? It’s the next logical progression.

The difference is that quizzes are much more fun and personal than simple surveys.

Be creative with your quizzes! The more quirky and unique they are, the more successful they will be. Just look at how successful Buzzfeed has been with quizzes like “What Star Wars Character Are You?” or “How Woke Are You?”

People love to find out what the results will be, and they love sharing those results on social media, which helps Buzzfeed get even more exposure and traffic.

You’ll need to spend some time building the quiz and providing the different results. However, after you’ve put in the time and resources, you’ll get great results for weeks or months. You’ll love the ROI you get.

Interactive Infographic

Infographics were once all the rage, and they showed up on every website and social media channel.

While infographics are still being shared, they are not as popular as they once were. Now that their novelty has worn off, they are just another passive consumption device for information.

You can create interesting new content just by adding an interactive element to an infographic. For example, instead of listing three or four separate charts showing how different elements influence an issue, you can have one chart area that changes when different options are selected. People can then see how changing one element changes the way the issue is shaped.

Maps, charts, color coding and more can all be added to make an infographic more interactive. Again, be creative and see what you can come up with!


Memes and comic strips are incredibly popular in our current internet age. Instead of creating another tired meme, take your content to the next level by creating a cartoon or comic strip of your own.

Don’t use Bit Strips or another template or program to create your cartoon. If you can’t draw on your own, hire someone who can. Or cash in on the popularity of crudely drawn cartoons and just draw your own stick-figure strip.

Be funny and irreverent to create a comic strip that resonates with your readers.

Live Videos

Facebook has given marketers an invaluable tool for connecting with audiences. You can now record yourself live on the network, creating a more intimate connection with your followers and a sense of immediacy.

A basic video can be a simple live vlog so that it seems like you are having a conversation with your followers. You can even respond to the questions and comments that people are leaving in real time, ensuring that you are giving them the information they really want.

You can also use the Facebook Live option to cover industry events, allowing people to feel like they are really there even if they cannot attend in person. You can use live video to interview experts and celebrities, allowing followers to submit questions to control the scope of the interview.

There are plenty of great ways that you can use this feature to increase user engagement and to get more traffic and followers.

Be creative, and you’ll quickly have more ideas for great new content. Maps, photos, memes, educational videos, podcasts and more can all be used to create fresh content that will get your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.