The Internet has opened up a whole wide world of possibilities for business. Not only do you have unlimited opportunities to create a business online, but you also have hundreds of options for marketing your products and services to help you grow your business and find the success you have always dreamed of having.

Advancements in technology create new opportunities everyday. One of the latest advancements in advertising technology is known as a pay per install, or earn per install, program. Whether you are looking to make passive income with your website or drive sales for your products, an earn per install program can help you meet your goals.

Earn Per Install

The concept behind a pay per install program is quite simple. Just as its name suggests, the program pays a commission each time someone purchases and installs a piece of software or application. The program works just like an affiliate marketing program. A company (the advertiser) creates the program offer, and another website (the publisher) promotes the product and earns the commission.

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Many programs are in place that make setting up an earn-per-install offer a breeze. Advertisers don’t necessarily have to create their own programs. Instead, they find a reputable program that has access to a large network of publishers. Then they set the terms for their offer. For example, they may be able to set the commission, create special marketing materials for publishers to use, and set other terms.

By signing up for an established program, you make it easier to reach more publishers and gain more access for your products. It reduces the amount of legwork you have to do in creating the program and promoting it.

Why You Should Use It

The benefits of signing up for an earn per install program are extensive, whether you sign up as an advertiser or a publisher.

If you sign up as an advertiser, you can drive sales of your apps or software far more than you would be able to do yourself. The program taps into an extensive network of sales representatives. Each publisher creates promotional content for your products. They are motivated by making the commission, so they will do what it takes to earn you that sale. Of course, the better the commission you offer, the more motivated they will be. Perform testing to find the highest commission you can offer while still maximizing your profits.

If you sign up as a publisher, you can make a significant passive income by promoting the apps or software of other businesses. You can choose to focus on one product at a time, or you can expand your revenue opportunities by choosing several applications or software packages that offer solutions for your readers. It is important that you only sign up for the number of programs that you can adequately promote to your readers without making your website seem spammy.

By promoting the software to your readers, you can not only create an ongoing revenue stream through commissions, but you can also offer your readers additional value by showing them products that can help them. You add authority to your site while also growing your profits.

To maximize your profits, you will need to create a marketing strategy that is just as effective as one you would use to promote your own products. The more diverse your strategy is, the more successful it will be. You should consider creating display ads, writing promotional posts and landing pages, creating special email newsletters and promoting the products on your social media profiles. 

Finding an Earn Per Install Program

Before you can be successful with earn per install, you need to find a reputable program. You can start by asking for referrals from fellow business owners. You can also research programs you identify on online marketing and small business forums. Find out what the reach of the program is like and what the fees or payouts are.

Learn all about the program’s advantages, including any perks it offers, as well as the drawbacks. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to make the best choice to meet your marketing (or monetization) goals.

Finding an Earn Per Install Program

Earn per install programs offer great opportunities for both advertisers and publishers alike. Consider signing up for an affiliate program to drive sales of your app or software or to start generating a passive income. Just make sure you do your research so you can find the right program. The goal is to work smarter, not harder.