Everyone wants their site to go viral just because it’s got a bunch of great content and people can’t wait to share it. Yet most people don’t just hit publish and radiate in the glory of Internet superstardom. Instead, they have to conduct an ongoing search engine optimization campaign to try and appear higher in search results when their target audience looks for information relevant to their websites.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to get the traffic you need for free. But SEO is a long game. It can take months before it starts to pay off by bringing you even a trickle of traffic.  

If you really want to get the traffic you need right away, you can buy pay per click advertising. With the right strategy, you‘ll get the exposure you need for your business quickly, and work on your SEO strategy in the background.

Here are a few things you can do to assure the success of your pay per click advertising program:

Do the Right Keyword Research

The success or failure of any pay per click advertising program depends entirely on the keywords you choose. If you choose low-performing keywords, you’ll never get the traffic you need. If you choose keywords that have too much competition, you’ll never get the prominence you need for your ads – unless you plan on throwing a ton of cash at the problem.

You need to perform extensive keyword research before you even begin your pay per click advertising program. The Google Keyword Tool is the best place to start your search, but many other useful tools are available to help you get the insights you need and discover new keyword opportunities. The key to success is choosing keywords that have a moderate to large amount of search volume but low to medium competition.

Prepare Your Website

Before you can start driving traffic to your site, you need to get it ready. You must create landing pages that are relevant to the keywords or the content of the PPC ads you have created. Every aspect of your site should be designed to drive conversions once visitors arrive.

Not only will preparing your site increase your sales, but it will also increase the quality score for your ads. By creating an ad that is closely aligned to your landing page, your overall content, and other elements on your page, you make the ads more relevant to the site. By increasing your quality score, you lower the amount you have to bid to get each ad place prominently in search results.

Create a Specific Offer

Ads that simply promote your site are too general to be effective. If you want to drive conversions, you need to create a specific offer and create an ad around that. For example, you might create an ad for a sale you are running or a promotion for free shipping. However, if you do want to create an ad for a product or service that you regularly offer, you need to frame the ad to focus on a specific problem and position the product or service as the solution.

Of course, your ad should lead to a landing page for that product or service, and the content should highlight all the benefits for customers. Consider your ad the teaser and your landing page the sales closer.

Consider Alternatives

Google AdWords is the biggest game around for pay per click advertising. However, it’s not the only game. If you want to expand your reach – and lower your expenses – you should consider alternative programs. One great option is to sign up for search feeds. These feeds are inserted into other blogs and websites, and when users conduct a search, publishers earn revenue. You can sign up as an advertiser for search feeds and get more exposure through your pay per click advertising program.

When choosing alternatives, make sure you sign up with a company that has a large network. You want to get exposure with the most number of people possible. You should also ensure that the network reaches your target audience.

Pay per click advertising can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing kit. However, you need to put as much effort into your pay per click advertising program as you would any other marketing effort. You can’t just pay for ads and expect the traffic to roll in. Using these tips can help you improve the effectiveness of your campaign and get the results you need faster. You’ll make sure that every dollar you spend is working to reach your goals, and you’ll quickly get a higher return on your investment.