Pay per install networks offer two potentially huge benefits for you: They can either help you increase downloads for your app or software, or they can give you another outlet for monetizing your site. If you are trying to monetize your site, you sign up for these networks to promote an app or piece of software. When someone installs these products through your site, you get a commission on the sale. If you are trying to promote your app or software, you pay the commission for each install.

Pay per install networks bring together two people for mutual benefit: Those looking to make money from their web traffic and those looking to make money from increased sales of apps and software. Here are a few things you can do to choose the right pay per install network whether you want to advertise your own app or make a commission from someone else’s:

Read the Terms Carefully

A good piece of advice for any business transaction is that you carefully read all the terms. Make sure you fully understand what the fees are for the network, as well as the commissions. Read through the privacy policy. Understand the requirements for joining and for ongoing membership.

Read the Terms Carefully

The goal is to make sure you understand every step of the process, from how they solicit software owners to how they handle the individual promoters. Make sure you agree with all the policies before you sign up for the site.

Research the Reputation

No matter how thoroughly you scour the site of a pay per install network, you may not get a real understanding of how the system works in practice or of how the site treats its customers. You will need to research the reputation of the site to understand that information. Go onto marketing and business forums to find out what others have to say about the network. If no posts are available, post your own asking for feedback.


You will quickly find out if the network is known for quality service or has a history of spreading malware or cheating its customers.
If no one has any feedback, you should probably steer clear. A network with no reputation can be just as bad as one with a bad reputation.

Check review sites, business agencies and more to get all the feedback you can. Make sure the Pay Per Install network you work with is compliant with the major online authorities such as MacAfee and Symantec.

If you are an app promoter who is paying the commission on your installations, you could be cheated out of a great deal of money from fraudulent installations. When you research the network, make sure you are looking out for this issue. Try to find a network that takes a proactive approach to this problem and has security measures in place to prevent it.

Pay per install networks can help you make a great deal of money, whether you are trying to sell your own app or you are trying to monetize your site. You just need to make sure you are signing up for the right network.

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