Want to know how to get ads on your blog? Ad networks from around the world have made it easier than ever to get ads on your website so you can earn money. All you need is good content and traffic.

Here are 3 ways to get ads on your blog:

1. Offer Advertising Space

Put up an ad for ads.

In other words, build a separate page on your site that offers ad space for sale. Inevitably, you will have inbound traffic from potential advertisers who are scouting and monitoring the industry. The more traffic you get and the higher the quality of your website’s content, the more interest you will gather from potential advertisers.

To be effective, your offer page should cater to advertisers: give them metrics that they’ll want, such as traffic, site rankings, pricing, and common keyword traffic. The more details you provide, the less time you’ll have to waste later on explaining your rates.

Over time, if your site rankings improve, you’ll be able to increase your rates. Do so gradually, however, and give your advertisers notice beforehand, so you don’t drive them away and leave gaping holes on your website.

One way to tell site visitors that you have ad space for sale is to include a “Your Ad Here” spot. Make sure that you have at least some ads on your site before taking this approach: advertisers will be a bit skeptical if your site is totally barren.

2. Sign Up for a Service

Ad networks make it easy to sign up and get started with auto-optimized ads that can be placed anywhere on your site. Everything from display advertising to text ads, video ads, and pop-ups can be implemented via an ad service.

Do your research thoroughly, since some ad networks offer ads for specific industries, some have limited audiences, and some only have specific ad formats. Also take into consideration the way that the pricing will play out based on your traffic patterns and your site’s content. Compensation methods, ad formats, audience preferences, and the ad network’s optimization algorithms can all play a role in determining your final paycheck.

While most of these services will assist your monetization efforts by automatically optimizing ads, it does pay to test ad placement and formats. In general, the more your users are engaged, the more they will convert on your ads. Burying a relevant ad inside the middle of an in-depth article, for instance, can increase conversion rates and boost revenue.

Optimizing your advertising revenue is a balance between several things, including traffic quantity, content quality, ad quantity, ad placement, and ad quality. Test all aspects of your advertising campaign, but remember that you can only optimize your existing traffic. If you improve the quantity and quality of your traffic, you’ll be able to improve your bottom line.

3. Proactively Pitch Your Offer

While creating an advertising page can be a great way to snag inbound advertising traffic, this may not be enough. Potential advertisers may not recognize an opportunity when they see one, and they may not visit your site very frequently. But if you proactively pitch your website’s ad space to them, you may be able to grab more lucrative deals.

Provide the same statistics as on your ad page, but also explain why you think the ad space is beneficial and what your traffic can offer.

Who should you approach? Non-competitive leaders in your field, for one. Shoot for three targets: advertisers who are a little out of your league, advertisers you think are prime targets, and advertisers slightly below your ideal. If you only focus on advertisers out of your league, you may get discouraged by the response. And if you only focus on advertisers at or below your level, you may get discouraged by your return or you may not consider scaling up your operations.

By taking this three-pronged approach you stand a good chance of receiving some positive response, getting some ads on your blog, and paving the way for future growth. To keep growing and getting more high-paying ads on your blog as time goes on, set a regular schedule – such as once a month or once every three months – where you pitch your ad space to potential advertisers.

And if you’ve already “bothered” somebody once with your pitch…do it again. Persistence is one key to success in marketing.

The more traffic you get and the higher quality it is, the more money you’ll be able to make. In some cases, negotiated ad deals will make more money, but in others, targeted ad networks will bring more value to your site. Track your ROI and keep testing new ad strategies to maximize your revenue stream. 

Advertising How to Get Ads on Your Blog: 3 Ways to Make Money with Website Ads