The right advertising should help you get the exposure you need for your brand and help you increase sales and leads.

Unfortunately, too many brands spend a lot of money on advertising but don’t see great returns. They might get a little bump in traffic, and they might even make a few more sales, but the return is not commensurate with the investment.

It is important that you develop some smarter advertising strategies to increase revenues and get the return you need. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Use Better Targeting

More ad networks are now offering extensive targeting options for your ads.

Some give you qualifiers for who you want to show the ads to, such as those who live in a certain area or who have visited certain sites. Others let you retarget to consumers who have already visited your site or looked at some of your products.

Some networks offer many more extensive targeting options. For example, Facebook collects reams of data to create more complete profiles of its users. It looks at everything from the pages that people like to the things they post about to learn more about them.

The more targeting options you can select when determining who to show your ads, the more successful those ads will be. Look for networks that give you as many targeting options as possible for advertising.

Split Test

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is essential to creating a rock-solid advertising campaign that gets results.

Split testing requires that you run two versions of the same ad, except they will feature one difference. The difference should be small, and it should be concrete. For example, you change one word in the headline, or you switch the font type or color. You then measure how well each of the ads performs to determine which choice had the most impact.

If you change more than one element, you can’t be certain which change influenced the results.

By now, you should know about split testing, but many brands are surprisingly still not using it. You can’t just post some ads and hope for the best. You need to test them to determine whether all the elements are working together to get you results. Split testing will help you ensure that they are.

Opt for Native Ads

Right now, ad blockers are wrecking shop for brands everywhere. They are making it so that users don’t even see your ads, and a huge number of people are using them.

Native ads can escape censure by these programs because native ads don’t look like ads. They look like editorial content. That’s also the reason why users respond to them more than display ads. They have content that is more engaging and more attractive to users.

Focusing on native ads can help you get more clicks for your ads, as well as more actual conversions. The right native adds will result in more sales and leads.

Incorporate User-Intent Targeting

A lot of online targeting is a bit like a match game. You get a list of interests based on social media activity or websites visited, and you create ads you feel match those interests.

You need to think of your online targeting like connect the dots: You get the information, and then you connect it all to see the bigger picture.

User-intent targeting helps you do that. User-intent targeting looks at what users are really trying to do when they are online, not just what sites they have visited.

User-intent targeting is not really something you can implement manually. You need to take far too much data into consideration, and the variables change so quickly that you would not be able to make the analysis and take action fast enough. You must use the right technology to help you implement this type of targeting.

In-feed from CodeFuel uses an advanced user-intent-based algorithm that incorporates all of these elements. It helps you place ads with better targeting, and it eliminates the need for split testing because it shows users only those ads that are most relevant to them in that moment.  In-Feed also shows only native ads.

In-Feed automates the advertising process. It quickly analyzes a complex amount of data and turns into actionable insights so that only the right ads are shown to the right users.

Not only will you save a lot of time and resources by using In-Feed, but you’ll also get better results for your advertising, helping you to increase revenues. You won’t need to invest thousands of dollars in a widespread campaign to get results. You’ll move toward your goal even with a small campaign on a modest budget

Making the right ad choices gets you results. Make sure you are incorporating all of these tips to maximize your results.