Developing your own software can create significant revenue potential for your company. With the right product, you could become the next Microsoft.

OK, so may you’re not going to become the next Microsoft, but you could definitely create a successful product that will help bolster your business or create a whole new niche for your business. The right development and marketing plan is essential to your success. Here are a few tips for how to increase software downloads to make any new business venture a success:

Create a Great Product

When you create a great product that provides value for your users, it will almost sell itself. Almost. If you want to get a ton of software downloads, you need to create an excellent software package that provides real solutions for your target audience. Test and re-test the software to make sure that it works smoothly and doesn’t have any glitches.

Conduct focus groups to find out ways to strengthen the software and add features you may have overlooked. The more you do to perfect your software, the better it will perform when you put it on the market, and the more downloads you will get.

Conduct Targeted Marketing

The secret to increasing software downloads is the same as it is for selling any product: Create targeted marketing.

You can’t just write content or create ads that talk about how great your software is; you have to write with a specific audience in mind. The more specific you are about who that audience is, the more specific (and successful) your marketing can be. It helps to define not just your audience, but also a specific persona for your audience.

For example, you might decide that you aren’t just targeting female entrepreneurs, but are trying to sell to female entrepreneurs who run a mid-size company and earn a certain amount of revenue each year. By defining the specifics of who your target audience is, you can create more targeted marketing that gets results.

Run PPC Ads

Pay per click advertising (commonly known as PPC advertising) can be very effective advertising since you only pay for ads that users act on, increasing your chances of getting conversions.

You also set the budget for your PPC campaigns in advance, so you can spend only what you want. When most people think of PPC advertising, they think of Google AdWords. While it’s certainly the biggest fish in the sea, it’s not your only option. You can also buy PPC ads for other search engines, like Bing, as well as special platforms, such as browser extensions.

By exploring all your options, you can increase your exposure and increase your software downloads.

Use a Smart Installer

The speed of your software’s download can have a big impact on your conversion rate. If the download takes too long to complete, users will cancel it and move on. In order to increase the number of software downloads, you need to increase the speed of the download.

One way to make the download process more efficient is to use a smart installer. This tool helps downloads go more quickly; at the same time, it gives you the opportunity to monetize your software.

You can display special offers or related products to your users while they are downloading your software. The right smart installer will help you increase your software downloads while also increasing your revenue stream (through both sales and advertising profits).

Bundle the Software

Creating a partnership with another business has long been a promotional strategy for all types of products. Using this strategy is a great way to increase downloads of your software, too. You can bundle your software with a related product to create a special deal that will encourage sales.

By creating a software bundle, you benefit from the established reputation of the company with whom you choose to partner. You reach their customer base, and you benefit from the marketing they do for the software on their own channels. In addition, the software bundle provides two great tools for your customers at one low price, which will help to drive sales.

Make sure you choose the right company to partner with and the right software to bundle to ensure that this strategy is a success. Creating the right marketing plan is essential when you are trying to increase downloads of your software.

While traditional marketing efforts like content marketing and PPC advertising will get you some results, you should also consider alternative strategies such as using a smart installer and creating a software bundle.

You’ll reach far more of your target audience and start meeting your sales goals more quickly. Your next goal: To create more software and continue building the suite of tools to help your customers and grow your brand. You may not become the next Microsoft, but you can still be something great.