Smart phones and tablets are making data more accessible. You can plug in at any time to check your email, connect on social media, look up your stocks, check the weather, read the latest headlines and so on. As mobile devices are becoming more integral to our daily lives, more and more apps are becoming available to meet our needs.

With all those apps, there are a lot of companies who want to promote them and make some cash. A popular method of promoting both apps and software is pay per install program. With these programs, advertisers pay a small commission to publishers each time the app or software is downloaded. It’s an effective advertising strategy because publishers are more motivated to get results and advertisers only pay for real sales.

You can easily make extra money for your site by signing up for a pay per install program. Here are a few ways that you can make money with pay per install:

Advertise Programs on Your Blog

The most common way that companies make money with pay per install programs is to advertise the apps or software on their blogs. You can do this in several ways. You can create display ads for the app or software you are promoting, you can include text links in your content, or you can write promotional content.

Advertise Programs on Your Blog

Writing a post that extolls the benefits of the app or software can be a highly effective way of convincing your readers to click through and learn more about the product. If you’ve chosen a good product to promote, the conversion will come naturally.

Consider using several advertising methods to get the most exposure for the product you are promoting. Rotate the ads you use to find out which ones are the most successful. For example, you might try a header ad, followed the next month by a large sidebar ad. Rotating ads will also help get them fresh exposure to reach new readers and get more sales.

Create Email Marketing

Your email list is one of your most powerful tools for marketing, whether it’s for your own products or for affiliate products. By advertising the apps or software from your pay per install program, you can drive more conversions. Create a special marketing campaign, such as a large promotional email followed by a stream of reminder messages.

Email Marketing

Create your email marketing campaign the same way you would for any of your products and you will have greater success.

Include It in a Software Bundle

If you have your own app or software to promote, you can include the pay per install product with your own to get more exposure. You can create a software bundle to install both at the same time. You put the power of your brand behind the other software, encouraging your clients to buy. When they do, you earn a commission on the sale. 

Sell Your Own App or Software

You don’t have to be promoting someone else’s app or software in order to make money from pay per install. You can sign up for a program to promote your own app or software. Yes, you’ll be paying someone else a commission for each sale, but you’ll also generate more sales, which will increase your profits overall. It’s an advertising program that gets you real results and that significantly increases the return on your investment.

Sell Your Own App or Software

The better the commission you offer publishers for promoting your products, the more motivated they will be and the more sales you can expect to see. Do an analysis to find the sweet spot that allows you to offer the highest commission while also generating the most profits. It may take some trial and error to find, but once you do, you can expect to start hitting your sales goals quickly.

Changing technology has made a number of new advertising tools available to online marketers. Pay per install is one of the latest, and it is also one of the most effective. You can make money with pay per install programs by promoting your own apps or software and generating additional sales, or you can promote other products and create an additional passive revenue stream for your business.

Take the time to find the right pay per install program to meet your goals. Carefully read the terms, and check the reputation of the site to find the program that will get you results.