Let’s get one thing straight: Website traffic software isn’t some kind of magic genie that funnels traffic to your site. You can’t just make a wish or press a button and see your site go viral (though imagine how cool it would be if you could!).

It is, however, a great way of increasing exposure and traffic for your site through advertising or special partnerships. For example, getting your site included on a browser extension can gain you prominent visibility among users.No matter which options you choose, website traffic software can help your business. To find out how, continue reading.

Increased Traffic

With a name like “website traffic software,” you’d expect one of the main benefits to be increased traffic to your site – and that’s precisely what you get. A smart installer channels traffic to your site whenever users download an app or software package. A search feed sends users to your site after they’ve searched for information related to your business.

The key to maximizing the traffic you get from these pieces of software is to only advertise with relevant publishers. Get your message in front of the people who actually care about it, not just anyone with a pair of eyes. You’ll get a bigger return on your investment, and you’ll help your business grow faster.

More Exposure for Your Brand

By putting your name in front of more people, website traffic software helps you gain more exposure for your brand. Even if the people who see your brand in the software never click through to your site, they’ll be aware of your company. After seeing your name enough times, they’ll start to remember your brand without having to visit your site or see your ads. It’s called “top of mind awareness,” and it’s essential to the success of any marketing plan.

The more top of mind awareness you create for your brand, the more effective your advertising and other marketing efforts will be. Your target audience will already have some experience with your brand, and the name recognition will make them more likely to act.

Higher Page Rank

The more traffic you get for your site, the higher your page rank will be. That means your site will appear higher in search results and will get more organic traffic long into the future. You won’t have to spend as much on advertising or other marketing efforts going forward because your site will get more traffic from users who are just searching for brand-specific information.

Greater Efficiency

Website traffic software allows you to work smarter, not harder. You don’t have to spend hours and hours doing keyword research, creating PPC campaigns, tinkering with budgets, and performing A/B testing. Instead, you can get the same results by using software that’s already designed to meet your target audience where they are. This could be in a browser extension when they’re already surfing the net, or a smart installer when they’re actively downloading an application.

Using the software will make your work more efficient, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of business development. 

Monetize Your Site

One key benefit of website traffic software is that it helps you monetize your site. You have a wide range of options to choose from, so there’s potential to generate significant income from your site. But choose wisely! Stick to tools that are relevant to your target audience as this will surely help maximize your results. For example, you should only partner with a smart installer that sells products that are similar to your own or that appeal to the same audience.

The more tools you use, the more money you stand to earn. Just make sure that you don’t overpopulate your site with ads or software that resembles ads. Doing so can make your site look spammy and alienate potential clients.

You may need to do some testing to strike the right balance between profitability and customer satisfaction. Online advertising technology has grown significantly in the past few years, and website traffic software can help you meet your marketing goals and grow your site quickly. Other benefits of the software include improving your efficiency, getting more exposure for your brand, and creating opportunities for you to monetize your site.

Make sure that you research all your options carefully so you find the right tools for your site and you work with providers that have a good reputation for performance and customer satisfaction. You’ll get a much larger return on your investment and have a much more pleasant experience in the process.