If you’ve got something online, you can monetize it. 

Whether you’re a website owner, an app developer, an artist, a blogger, or anyone else with rights to digital content, you can find a way to monetize that content.

Here are ten tips for monetizing anything:




1. Sell It

If you can, sell your content. This goes for apps and any form of digital content that can be turned into a final product. Books can be published in minutes, videos can

be sold as downloads, and apps can be listed in seconds.

Digital content is infinitely scalable, since you don’t need a physical inventory. All you need to do is find an outlet to sell your product, such as an online retailer, an app store, or your own website. Even print publications, which used to be expensive and difficult to self-publish, can now be sold on-demand. 

2. Put Ads on It

Advertising works like this: each time a user clicks on an ad you host, you get a flat fee. Or, each time 1000 users see your ads, you earn advertising revenue.

If you can’t sell it, you can always advertise with it, whether it’s a website or an app. Advertising is the most common way to make money from online content. The key to earning money from advertising is traffic: the more you’ve got, the more you’ll make.

Sign up with major ad networks such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook to see what options they offer. No matter what you’re monetizing, you’ll be able to find banner ads, text ads, in-app ads, and more.

3. Market with It

Affiliate marketing works on commission, and you often have more control over what goes on your site. Though you need to spend more time tweaking and controlling your affiliate marketing, affiliate offers have the potential for more revenue than advertising.

Even if you don’t have a product of your own – or even if you do – you can still promote other products and earn revenue from those sales.

4. Offer It for a Subscription

If you’ve got an app, website, or any other high-quality content, offer it for a regular fee. In many ways, this is better than selling it as a product, since you generate passive, recurring income for your content.

A decent subscription fee and a decent number of subscribers is all you need to earn a livable wage.

5. Repurpose It

Got a lot of blog posts? Try turning that into a newsletter, ebook, or physical book. Some developers are even hyperlinking content and turning that content into user-friendly apps.

Have some decent photographs of your own? Package and sell them as stock photography, as calendars, or as on-demand print products. Got code? Recycle, re-use, and re-sell.

6. Share It

Once you’ve got your monetization method down, it’s time to get the word out. Visit niche blogs, niche forums, social networks, networking events, and conferences.

Getting the word out is key to monetizing anything.

7. Acquire Customers

If you’ve got a website, don’t just work on pulling in new customers, work on keeping them. Stay connected through email lists and social media, so your customers will stay on board and keep earning money over the long haul.

And remember that quality is just as important as quantity: high quality leads convert better and are more likely to become loyal.

8. Get Outside Perspectives

Stick with something for a long time and it’s easy to lose perspective. If you want to optimize conversion rates, improve revenue, and learn more about what makes your customers tick, getting outside perspectives can be crucial.

This can include third-party usability evaluations, user testing, surveys, and consultations. Small investments in outside perspectives can pay off big time down the road.

9. Research, Test, and Optimize

The easiest way to get an outside perspective is through analytics. Test website designs, landing page designs, calls-to-action, user interfaces, and content to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Optimize your entire conversion funnel from the most distant PPC ad to the overall design of your marketing campaigns.

10. Recycle Your Customers

Many developers build multiple apps in order to gain continuing, long-term income. After all, multiple income streams is better than one. If you turn your apps, your websites, and your products into funnels, you can influence your customers to purchase, download, or consume more of your products or offerings.

The more attention they spend on your content, the more money you’ll make.

Regardless of what you’re optimizing, many of the strategies and tactics remain the same. Attention is money, so remember to focus on optimizing your conversion funnel and keeping customers around for as long as possible.