The online world has so much potential for delivering incredible content to the end user. It’s essential that this information remains free from distraction by whatever means necessary- keeping the internet free, clean and valuable.

Why The Attack?

In order for great content to remain free and accessible to the end user, the right ad ecosystem needs to be in place. Content publishers need to earn revenue from their content, but they need to do this in the right way- not attack the user with ads that have no interest and pop-ups that damage the user experience.

Sadly, the web is bombarded with unnecessary distractions. Some even argue that the ecosystem is broken- there are too many content publishers longing for revenue that they try to gather it at the expense of the user and his experience with the content and its surroundings. The balance between user engagement and content monetization is critical – if the focus is too strong on monetization, UX will suffer, and vice versa.

How To Engage & Earn Successfully

The solution here is to sustain this delicate balance, keep users engaged with the content/ the host environment and also to generate significant revenues in the process. Employing the right solution is key- and this is where CodeFuel comes in.

CodeFuel has created a solution platform keeping content free with intelligent and intuitive solutions. It has been designed with the end user in mind to keep him or her on site for longer and to also have the content publisher earning in the process. One of our solutions focuses on internal search-  when the end user types into the internal search box, he gets beautifully layered and intelligently generated results including internal content, web results, sponsored contents, and targeted ads in various formats.

There are many different tools trying to bring one-time solutions, but publishers really need something more comprehensive covering multiple aspects such as user experience, monetization, engagement, viability, analytics and many more all at once. CodeFuel is aiming to help the publishers cope with this challenge.

The Right Tech

Technology plays a significant part. The publishers need sustainable and comprehensive solutions where innovative technology is key for dealing with scale, big data, performance, contextualization and machine learning challenges. You won’t get far if you don’t have the right technology to support your solution.

We are creating a balance between engagement and monetization through technology and restoring calm to what many consider a sometimes chaotic ad ecosystem. Head to CodeFuel and learn more.